Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie faced accident in Buenos Aires

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie
Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie

The two friends, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie were in Argentina when they were involved in a nasty fight with a paparazzo.

Friends since meeting on the set of Suicide Squad in 2016, Cara and Margot have never left each other, through good times and bad.

When Cara celebrated 30 years in the Balearics this summer, Margot was there, as well as when the model was in need after a physical and emotional breakdown.

Margot Robbie’s tears had been the final wake-up call on the state of health of Delevingne.

The video of the British supermodel at Los Angeles airport looking distressed, neglected, and in a daze worried everyone, but it was the pain on her friend’s face after a visit to her West Hollywood home.

To make clear the gravity of the situation. Indiscretions spoke of fragile mental health and addiction now out of control, identifying the only healing alternative in rehab.

Even today, when the British model seems to feel better, the two are together on the other side of the world, in Argentina.

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie had an Accident

Here they were involved in a nasty incident with a paparazzo in Buenos Aires along with a group of friends, including the Australian actress’s husband, British producer Thomas Ackerley, British director Josey McNamara and chief engineer Jac Hopkins.

It was a trip that started worst when on Sunday, the group was involved in an accident with a local paparazzo, Pedro Alberto Orquera.

As reconstructed by the American media and TMZ , Cara and Margot were targeted by a paparazzo outside the restaurant of the famous chef Francis Mallmann in Buenos Aires as they were about to get on an Uber.

The two frightened girls (it seems that Robbie was on the ground due to a fall caused by the driver, confused by the situation ed ) were defended by friends who started chasing Orquera.

As you can see from the video of the surveillance cameras, the 61-year-old photographer fell off, breaking his arm and causing several injuries.

As reported in the Daily Mail, McNamara and Hopkins were questioned by the Argentine police about the incident denying their responsibility, while Orquera intends to proceed with the complaint for assault.

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