Death of Carlitos Balá: Controversial tribute in life, he did not like it

Carlitos Balá
Carlitos Balá

The comedian, Carlitos Balá, was painted completely naked in the streets of Santa Fe, and he respectfully crossed paths with street artists.

As much as the tributes pretend to make the remembered person feel good, not all of them can be well received.

And even more so when they brag about their audacity.

That was the case with a graffiti of Carlitos Balá naked through the streets of Santa Fe.

The displayed urban art showed the comedian without clothes.

Controversial tribute in Carlitos Balá’s life:

According to the authors themselves, what they were looking for was to exhibit him as “Naked… because it is natural… as we are”.

“We pay homage to Argentine artists; for us, it’s fine,” commented those interviewed by Telefe Noticias at the time, who refused to give their names or show their faces.

“I’m surprised. I don’t understand anything. I want someone to explain to me why they did it. Naked, I, the healthiest comedian in Argentina right now…! Recently, they said that he had killed me. Said one who has a website. Later he said it was a joke; he got away with it…”, Balá said when asked about it, showing clear confusion for not feeling satisfied with these current ‘customs.’

“The style of my character does not respond to this type of nude drawing,” detailed the comedian in the live crossover with the authors, organized by the newscast led by Rodolfo Barili and Cristina Pérez, while the boys argued that they were looking to “generate something of impact, which is what was achieved.

There was a lot of talk about Carlitos Balá, and many people remembered the good times of his childhood. Carlitos Balá and society have to rescue that”.

With the wisdom of a person who has come a long way, the comedian closed the note by saying: “I appreciate the tribute, but I do not agree. It looks like I’m old now. I am 88 years old, and perhaps I am old because I see that for them it is natural and normal”.

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