From being famous as Carlota Corredera to becoming a nuisance on Telecinco

Carlota Corredera

Mediaset plans not to renew the contract of Carlota Corredera

Carlota Corredera has completely disappeared from television.

Much is said about her return, but at the moment there is no record of it.

Carlota Corredera doesn’t have any shows in production.

The communication group does not think about her.

In an attempt to clean up the damaged image of the main channel and some of its programs, the management of ‘La Fábrica de la tele‘ chose to remove the Galician after being involved in the famous ‘Operación Deluxe’.

Let’s remember that Carlota Corredera was one of the least loved presenters of ‘Sálvame‘ by the audience.

When Carlota Corredera appeared on screen, the format scored the worst audience data, a decrease that increased after her defense of Rocío Carrasco, Carlota Corredera even restricted her companions’ freedom of expression.

From being as famous as Carlota Corredera to becoming a nuisance on Telecinco

The Galician no longer interests managers.

“Because they simply don’t want it anymore at Mediaset,” according to people from the network.

“They had wanted to get rid of her for a long time but they didn’t know how. For them Carlota Corredera was already burned. They took advantage of the fact that they were removing the directors for the Deluxe case to remove her too. But, as you can see, they have returned and Carlota Corredera is still missing and without project,” says our source.

Carlota Corredera

Christian Gálvez is on the tightrope 

And it is not the only one. Telecinco has a serious problem with another regular face of the communication group, Christian Gálvez.

Since the presenter ran out of ‘Pasapalabra’, he has not found a space to suit him.

All the programs they offer you are a complete failure and are canceled after a short time.

His time at Cadena100 has also been brief .

His breakup hasn’t helped either, a worse image of Madrid has been created.

Christian Gálvez is no longer a guarantee of success.

In fact, apart from ‘Pasapalabra‘ it didn’t work in any other format.

And now it has been proven that the incredible audiences of the contest were not thanks to the presenter, but to the format itself.

Now on Antena 3 it has even larger audiences with Roberto Leal at the helm.

As Christian Gálvez has an exclusive contract with Mediaset, the communication group placed him in another space, specifically in a program designed for the next television course but which was finally broadcast in the summer.

It’s about ‘Tonight I win‘. A contest that started out as an idea similar to ‘El Desafío‘ by Pablo Motos, but we quickly verified that it had nothing to do with it, rather it was a ‘low cost’ version where two celebrity teams competed.

Simple tests with two presenters and a voice off that paints absolutely nothing, with the subsequent repetitions of the tests that take us to an entertainment space of the 90s.

The program began its stage discreetly, with a worrying 11.1% share of the screen and surpassing the barrier of one million viewers by the minimum.

However, in its second week it dropped to 8.8%, leaving the rival network’s Turkish drama ‘Brothers‘ free to go.

The worst came in the third week. The program showed that he had not hit rock bottom.

It scored a dismal 6% audience share and fell short of 600,000 viewers.

Even an influencer scores better data with his videos on social networks.

For this reason, Mediaset has taken drastic measures with the program.

Although nothing is usually canceled now, and less so in the summer season, the communication group has relegated the program to late night, where it will finish broadcasting the three remaining installments and will try not to lower the share any more.

Will it be possible? The last option is Four. Of course the program will not renew, it is already completely ruled out.

Christian Gálvez is left without another project and Telecinco no longer knows what to do with it. Free ride next year?

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