The Catalan Rosalía now shows her fitness body


Rosalía’s abs: an inspiration for her fans.

For a long time, Rosalía was harshly criticized for her appearance , specifically for her weight.

And although these criticisms are very common in the world of entertainment where everyone is required to meet certain beauty standards, the truth is that the Catalan has always been very satisfied with her figure and with her appearance in general she.

However, she has taken the time to recognize that, in a certain way, she used to consume certain unhealthy foods, which is why she decided to make a change in her lifestyle by implementing a new diet and a much more complete exercise routine.

Now, the artist boasts of a fitness body, totally toned and defined, with which she has become one of the models of Kim Kardashian‘s brand, ‘Skims‘.

After having swept our country with her ‘Motomami Tour‘, the singer has surprised everyone with her new song ‘ Despechá‘ , a song that already has more than 28 million views on Spotify in the first days of its release.

Due to the hype that has been generated by this song, hundreds of people have performed the dance ‘trend’ of this theme on Tik Tok, a choreography that Rosalía herself has recreated on her social networks using a revealing set of two pieces in color pink that showed her defined abdomen and toned legs, showing that the ‘Motomami’ is in excellent physical shape .

At this time, the video of Rosalía dancing ‘Despecha‘, in what seems to be the kitchen of her house, has more than 1.4 million “likes” and more than 9,300 comments, among which the following stand out: ” No Are you tired of being the Queen of Spain?”, “Reinona”, “You are perfect”, “Goddess”, “I’m going to be in a ‘despite mood’ if you don’t launch the routine to have that great body ”.

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Rosalía’s abs: an inspiration for her fans

In addition to the great vocal wear and tear that a tour as important as the one she has done in recent days entails, the Catalan has also shown that she has prepared herself physically to be able to withstand the effort and the long days on stage.

For that reason, the singer has decided to focus on the gym, training her arms, legs, buttocks and, above all, her abs on a daily basis.

Through her Tik Tok account, the interpreter of ‘Bizco‘ has shared some of her exercise routines that usually include crunch exercises , plates, v-sits with the ball, raised abdominals on a machine, side plates, Russian twists… all a complete exercise routine that mixes isometric crunches with dynamic exercises.

She has also declared herself a fan of boxing and crossfit , as it helps her with physical endurance and strength.

Currently, Rosalía is so involved in the world of fitness that she does not even take Saturdays off to rest, since that would break her routine.

So, for all those who thought that the Catalan had a few extra kilos, it has already been more than proven that she is not like that.

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