Cecilia Rodriguez quits social media : ” I have to take care of myself now “

Cecilia Rodriguez
Cecilia Rodriguez

The question that Cecilia Rodriguez has been wandering around the web recently after Belén Rodriguez’s sister revealed that she is unwell due to persistent nausea that does not give her respite.

“Here I am, still alive,” Cecilia Rodriguez joked on Instagram in the past few hours, explaining the reasons that led her to give up at the last minute on the blue carpet in Rome on the occasion of the presentation of the Paramount platform.

“I haven’t been well. The doctor told me to rest, and that’s what I’ll do “, then continued the former competitor of the GF Vip, sparking the curiosity of her followers as well as the world of gossip, anxious to find out what is due to this sudden illness that is giving Cecilia a hard time.

Cecilia Rodriguez shared post on her Instagram account.

Cecilia Rodriguez’s down health

Although nothing is certain at the moment, many hope that Rodriguez’s suboptimal health is due to pregnancy; after all, during these years, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser have never made any secret of wanting a family and being ready to have a child now that, after 5 years of relationship, their relationship continues to be based on tremendous love, despite some recent ups and downs.

During this summer, Ignazio had spoken of a moment of great difficulty experienced shortly before with Cecilia: “We had a period of estrangement that today we consider the test to overcome the difficult times, now we don’t have doubts about love.” Moser had told the weekly Chi.

“What binds us is solid enough to take this step,” the 30-year-old added, referring to the possible wedding with Cecilia, alongside whom he claimed to be able to have a family soon.

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