Cesare Cremonini and Martina Margaret Maggiore back together now ?

cesare cremonini

After their separation, the singer of “Bon voyage” and his ex-girlfriend would have reconnected by spending the summer holidays together

The time may not yet have come to put a definitive point on the love story between Cesare Cremonini and the “historical” girlfriend Martina Margaret Maggiore , to whom the 42-year-old artist was (or is?) Linked since 2019.

A story between ups and downs that between the singer-songwriter Cesare Cremonini who became famous thanks to songs like ” Buon viaggio “, ” Maggese “, ” Poetica ” and ” Colibrì ” and the 25-year-old from Riccione who, just a month ago, had decided to interrupt their relationship due to an alleged betrayal that Martina Maggiore had (covertly) talked about on her Instagram profile .

Cesare Cremonini-

Although the story between the two ended in a rather tranchant way (with a lot of unfollow from both on social networks) the ex couple would still have decided to give themselves a second chance in recent days, when both found themselves in Maratea on the occasion of a special evening for Cesare Cremonini during which the Bolognese singer-songwriter was awarded honorary citizenship by the mayor of the city.

Although the return of the flame is taken for granted by numerous gossip newspapers, for the moment neither Cesare Cremonini nor Martina have resumed following each other on Instagram (or have been paparazzi together), which brings us to a crossroads: either the acquaintance between the singer of ” Chimica ” and the 25-year-old cannot yet be considered definitive so both have decided by mutual agreement to go there with the lead feet or, alternatively the two, they are in love again but have no intention of fomenting gossip by spreading it.

Could summer 2022 make the love between Cesare Cremonini and Martina Maggiore explode again ? We’ll see.

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