Cesare Cremonini calls ‘Stella di Mare’ the most beautiful song we will hear

Cesare Cremonini
Cesare Cremonini

Cesare Cremonini recovers the original 1979 master of “Stella di Mare”, contained in the Lucio Dalla album, and gives life to an unprecedented artistic operation that focuses on emotion, starting from his musical roots, from the relationship that binds him to Bolognese singer-songwriter and his city.

The voice of Lucio Dalla is isolated from the music, the noises of the recording studio, and the return of the base in the headphones.

Cesare Cremonini does it for himself, although his story is linked to that of the Bolognese singer-songwriter since he was a child.

Cesare Cremonini does it especially for others because he wants this song to reach everyone.

Cesare Cremonini remarks about “Stella di Mare”

“I had the feeling of being with him. Inside his small studio in an era that no longer exists but that we can remember.”

A project that marks a new piece in the history of the Bolognese singer-songwriter who on October 28 publishes Cesare Cremonini Live: Stadi 2022 + Imola and who feels the weight of the responsibility of his roots, with the desire to pass them on, beyond his career ambitions.

There are many emotions hidden in the project, but the goal is to create an above-all cultural, dissemination operation.

“Lucio Dalla started writing his songs at 38, exactly when I arrived at the first stage after a fatal effort, which was the dream of my life. He was fundamental in my musical journey and that is why I am preparing my first film as a director about him”.

The reason why he let himself be conquered by “Stella di Mare” compared to other songs by Dalla is his vocality, clean, expressive and solitary which in the new version, rearranged with current sounds that do not distort the original, is it blends with the voice of Cesare Cremonini who seems to sing differently as if next to Dalla he was looking for a new way.

It is a love song and for this reason, I think it is a song that even more than others breaks down the barriers of time.

Singing Lucio means measuring oneself with one of the most complete vocals on the Italian scene.

“I realized that I had internalized not only his way of singing, but an expressive form of my land that only by singing Lucio was I able to fully express. I am not a talented singer, I cannot sing everything, but in the way, I sing there is something that binds Bologna with invisible threads from the past to the future even through my voice. I hope to transfer it to my music too.”

The spasmodic study of every detail, of every piece of history, the joy of bringing his teacher in front of thousands of people, thanks also to the collaboration of Daniele Caracchi, the president of Pressing Line, the foundation that takes care of Dalla’s works: ” I wanted to bring him into the audience as if he were there in the stadium with me. I hadn’t expected to discover that not everyone knew this passage.

Although Lucio Dalla is in all the songwriters of today, in modern music that starts from me to the current young songwriters, I understood that the original is little known.

For this, I needed to engrave it. And I didn’t write it, I have no merits, but perhaps for this reason I can say with certainty that it will be the most beautiful song we will hear this year.

He sees it as a great stimulus for his career: “This bulimia of giving streaming platforms a new song every three months doesn’t represent me. There is a rule to make songs last, and that is not to release them every five minutes.”

And he lives it as a challenge: “Being able to keep the emotion of that song and bring it into new territory made me work on this musical work as a work of art”.

An analog work that has gone to recreate modern sounds starting from their real creation.

“We are off the radio, streaming, this song is out of the rules, I’m only interested in being able to share this journey with my city and the new generations”.

Also for this reason, for the cover of the single, he called the painter Gianluigi Toccafondo who painted more pictures, starting from the notes of the song.

“Sometimes you do things that you don’t know if they’re right. I think this is. And I think it is very courageous to sing Lucio Dalla, in a moment of maximum exposure. In these times you can survive even with the past. The roots must not be forgotten, it takes courage. I believe in the eternity of things.”

And this song, which will now play on all the dates of his Cesare Cremonini Indoor Tour 2022, starting in the sports halls in November, is recorded to last: “In this time that escapes our hands, we will know in ten years whether this” Star of Mare ”will last over time. But I know there is no “old”.

As long as you renew yourself as a human being you will be able to renew any work within you.

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