Charlene de Monaco, vetoed by the woman who is making her life impossible now

Charlene de Monaco

Charlene de Monaco from Monaco and this woman try not to meet at the Rose Ball

Charlene de Monaco mysteriously disappeared for a little over a year.

Prince Albert‘s wife attended an event in her country of origin, South Africa, and there she suffered an infection for which she had to undergo emergency surgery.

It was also commented that the young woman took sleeping pills to be able to fall asleep since she suffered from major depression and later she entered a rehabilitation center to overcome this addiction.

This summer, already recovered, she returned to Monaco and was seen at various events with her husband and her children.

All kinds of rumors jumped again. It is believed that Charlene de Monaco has never been happy by Alberto’s side, which is why they call her the sad princess.

The swimmer married out of obligation and had the children by artificial insemination.

Charlene de Monaco wants to go to Switzerland, however the prince asked her to continue doing her work as a princess in exchange for 12 million euros a year.

The bad relationship between Princess Caroline and Charlene de Monaco

If this contract were true, it seems that Charlene de Monaco has accepted and has put aside her differences with Alberto because at this time she has resumed her official agenda.

With this return, a rivalry between the princess of Monaco and the sister of her husband, Princess Carolina, has been evidenced.

Let us remember that in the absence of Charlene, the princess of Hannover has been in charge of a large part of the tasks of representing the Principality of Monaco, together with her sister De Ella Estefanía and her children and nephews.

A function that you already know, since until the arrival of Charlene it was she who was in charge of this work.

In fact, until Prince Albert got married and the twins were born, there were some voices that suggested that Carolina and her lineage could be the successors of the current sovereign.

Right now all eyes are on Charlene again, Alberto’s sisters have been totally displaced.

However, Carolina continues to be the protagonist of some star commitments such as the Baile de la Rosa .

It was expected that the wife of the Prince of Monaco would participate in this event due to the symbolic load, but this has not been the case.

It seems that Carolina has had a lot to do with it, she would have vetoed it, and she does not want it to overshadow her in an event that has been very important to her for years.

Following the Rose Ball was the Red Cross Ball , and there we did get to see Princess Charlene with her husband, Prince Albert.

We know that the relationship between Carolina and Charlene has never been very fluid.

They always try to avoid each other. The tension between them is more than evident, much more so in recent years.

Carolina has always seen Charlene as an enemy in her control over the Principality.

A battle that has never transpired, has always been hidden within the walls of the palace.

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