Charlotte Casiraghi turns 36 and talks about her “cure to overcome traumas and fears”

Charlotte Casiraghi

The death of his father, when he was only 4 years old. And then childhood and adolescence in the Monegasque royal family, her mother Carolina’s wedding with Ernst of Hanover, her marriage, motherhood and her work with Chanel. Who is Charlotte Casiraghi today?

There are those who would call her a muse without a doubt and Charlotte Casiraghi , inspiration really is.

For fashion, she became so much so that she became Chanel ambassador and bulwark of the maison in the world.

But also for the costume, as Charlotte Casiraghi is a member of one of the most glamorous royal families in Europe, the Monegasque one.

On 3 August the daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover turns 36, lived in the spotlight, but always with great awareness.

Charlotte Casiraghi turns 36

The death of her father Stefano, when she was 4, made her the introspective girl she is still today, as she told in several interviews, revealing that philosophy was her cure for the loneliness and malaise she experienced in her childhood years and adolescence.

A graduate of the Sorbonne, Charlotte Casiraghi also founded in 2015 the non-profit Les Rencontres philosophiques de Monaco which discusses the condition of women, another theme dear to Charlotte, of life, pain and the things of the world.

Very close to the brothers Pierre and Andrea , Charlotte Casiraghi has overcome the death of her father, which occurred in 1990 due to an accident at sea, asking herself many questions, not always pleasant. 

In the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, in April 2022, Charlotte Casiraghi said that she had lived the years following the tragic death of her father “in the throes of very violent emotions” and that she had understood that “nothing is taken for granted”.

Literature and philosophy helped her, two loves that accompanied her throughout her life, needs rather than passions, then crystallized in the book Arcipelago delle Passioni , published together with the philosopher Robert Maggioni.

Charlotte Casiraghi is a discreet, not yelled icon. When she appears in public for official family events, which she too supports without being the heart of diatribes and gossip, she is never center stage. 

We recently saw her, hand in hand with her husband Dimitri Rassam , son of Carole Bouquet who is a great friend of her mother Carolina, at the Rose Ball , one of the most anticipated social events on the Monegasque agenda of which the Princess of Hanover is the mistress of undisputed home. 

Next to her, her partner married in 2019, and father of her second son Balthazar (the first of her, Raphaël, was born from her previous relationship with Gad Elmaleh).

But Charlotte is a girl of a thousand talents.

In addition to horse riding, a sport in which she excels and which she also brought on the catwalk in Paris for the Chanel fashion show, she also has a great passion for music,

So much so that she recently appeared in the video of the song Mademoiselle by Sébastien Tellier which pays homage to the legendary Coco aboard flying sharks.

A little unusual, but there is nothing in the life of this princess of soul (but not by her title: she is devoid of it, like her brothers) that is ordinary.

Happy birthday, Charlotte, muse full of heart and intellect

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