“It will be epic”: Chiara Ferragni arrived in Sanremo for first inspection of Ariston

Chiara Ferragni

The entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni has been immortalized on stage, where, in four months, she will make her debut as co-host alongside Amadeus.

As was announced before the summer, the 35-year-old digital entrepreneur will be among the co-hosts who will alternate on stage alongside Amadeus at the helm of the singing festival for the fourth consecutive time.

Although there are still four months left for the Sanremo 2023 Festival to start (which this year will start on Tuesday, 7 February and then end on Saturday, 11), Chiara has already set to work to get ready for the event and so in the past few hours; the entrepreneur greeted her husband Fedez and their children Leone and Vittoria Ferragni to leave for Sanremo where she had herself immortalized in front of the Ariston who, at the beginning of the year, will see her debut as a presenter.

Instagram Post from sanremorai

Chiara Ferragni at Ariston

“Today I’m going to a special place,” Ferragni had announced on social media, creating a lot of curiosity about his sudden trip.

“It will be epic,” added the 35-year-old, whose presence at the Festival is scheduled for the opening night and the closing one.

“Sanremo see you soon”, Chiara Ferragni wrote on Instagram after a few hours next to the shots that revealed her final destination, and that showed her in front of the same theatre where, in 2021, her husband Fedez performed on the notes of “Call me by the name” together with Francesca Michielin finishing second, behind Maneskin’s “Shut up and good”.

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“The Sanremo Festival is the most challenging project I have ever faced”, said a few weeks ago the entrepreneur who, after confirming her entrepreneurial talent in the world of fashion and jewellery, is preparing for a completely new adventure that will see her debut as a presenter.

“Good luck to me; I need it”, Chiara Ferragni concluded, already at work today for this new challenge that will allow her to make herself known in a new way.

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