Chiara Ferragni on the beginning of new story with Fedez

Chiara Ferragni on the beginning of the story with Fedez: "I didn't think he was the right guy for me"

Chiara Ferragni

The digital apprentice told how the love with the rapper of “I would like but not place” was born with Chiara Ferragni

Although today Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are one of the most loved celeb couples in Italy, there was a time when this union seemed to be impossible even for the same digital entrepreneur, now married to the rapper of “ La dolce vita ”.

Chiara Ferragni On Instagram-

To reveal it was Chiara Ferragni who, on TitTok , talked about the birth of her love story with Fedez telling the first time she met him (with him who was still engaged with Giulia Valentina while she was engaged to ‘ex Andrew Arthur ) and then move on to how their social chats started (you started thanks to the song ” I would like but not place ” in the text of which the singer had mentioned Chiara) up to the first date .

“The first nights we couldn’t touch each other”, Chiara said, retracing the events that took place back in September 2016, when she spent hours in a hotel room in the company of the rapper without even being able to take his hand due to an infectious disease taken by Fedez during a mission with Unicef.

An uphill start that of the couple but which allowed Ferragni and Fedez to get to know each other in depth making them discover that they have many things in common, many more than even the same sister of Francesca and Valentina Ferragni would have thought , initially reluctant on the effective compatibility with Federico Lucia, Fedez’s real name .

“There was Snapchat and there was the song on the radio, so I take a snap while I’m in the car with my sisters and there was the song on the radio.

He replies immediately by thanking and publicly saying that we had to make out ”, continued the 35-year-old entrepreneur, now very launched in the world of jewels, Chiara Ferragni .

“I liked him very much, he seemed to me a very honest person and I liked that he was unbalanced, even if I absolutely did not believe he could be the boy for me”, added Chiara, now the mother of Leone and Vittoria Ferragni .

“I would have gladly seen it but the agendas did not match and I was also terrified that they would photograph us.

I did not want it to happen if it had not been something serious”, admitted Chiara Ferragni , talking about the months following the first meeting, with the his relationship with the Milanese rapper that has consolidated more and more to the point of becoming official during a vacation in Paris, when Fedez and Chiara Ferragni posted on Instagram their first photo together which marked the beginning of their love. The rest is history.

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