Chris Pine fell asleep during the premiere of “Don’t Worry Darling”

Chris Pine

Chris Pine with sunglasses, and arms crossed, seems to have fallen asleep, a belief that seems justified by the gesture of the Harry Styles tries to wake the actor, present in Olivia Wilde’s film.

As has been rumored for a few weeks now, on the set of “Don’t worry darling” the tension has often been skyrocketing after the birth of some discontent between Olivia Wilde and the cast.

The first scoop was born around the reasons for the exclusion of Shia LeBeouf from the film, which was followed by the rumors of some tensions between the director and the co-star Florence Pugh who, according to the well-informed, would have found herself in very difficult on the set because of the nascent relationship between the director, then still engaged with Jason Sudeikis, and the protagonist.

Pine in the film plays Jack, the owner of a mysterious company that, in the 1950s, created the idyllic corporate town of Victory, California, where he heads a secret project that a woman begins to investigate bringing up something dark and unexpected.

A more than the intriguing role that of Jack, which once again demonstrates the talent of Chris Pine, recently appeared in Wonder Woman alongside Gal Gadot and soon star in Dungeons & Dragons – The honor of thieves, a film in which the cast will be present also Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, and Hugh Grant.

Who seemed to have managed to estrange himself from this “crossed bad blood” seemed to be the actor Chris Pine, who even during the “Don’t worry darling” press conference, held during the Venice Film Festival 2022, had appeared incredibly quiet and calm to the point of not even taking part in the various questions and answers with the journalists present in the room.

The only moment he spoke was to praise the work done by Pugh, insinuating in a more than the veiled way that he was not on the side of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde regarding the controversy with Florence that has been so much talked about in the latter days.

Harry Styles tries to wake Chris Pine during the premier of “Don’t worry Darling”

Twitter post from @romansgerri

To fuel the existence of two sides within the cast, were also the videos that run on Twitter with related comments from the community, in which Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine appear seated at the premiere of the film at the Venice Film Festival.

Venice, Chris Pine with sunglasses, and arms crossed, seems to have fallen asleep, a belief that seems justified by the gesture of the pop star touching his shoulder, it would seem, to wake him up.

But it’s not the only video that went viral about the premiere.

Another moment taken up by fans and press was the arrival of Harry Styles in the room: the pop star, as he bends down to sit down, seems to spit on Chris Pine, who, dumbfounded, stops applauding, smiles embarrassed, and continues. to chew his butt.

It is still unclear whether this is a sketch designed for the promotion of the film, considering the criticisms received, or whether there have been numerous disagreements on the set.

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