Shakira is twice the age of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend Clara Chía Martí

Gerard Piqué

Shakira is already stepped on for the FCB footballer, Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend

Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué‘s new girlfriend whom Shakira is twice the age.

It is the name of the day, perhaps the week.

Why not of the month: Clara Chía Martí.

Every quisqui is talking about her after the newspaper ‘The Sun‘ leaked the news.

She is 23 years old and studies Advertising and Public Relations at a university in Barcelona.

There are hardly any photos of her: all social networks have been deleted before the crowd of sports journalists and the heart that are talking about her.

She only keeps WhatsApp, to message Gery.

In this way, Gerard Piqué would have definitely turned the page on his ex, Shakira.

The waka-waka and the Barça player would be closing the last fringes of a separation, in principle, friendly.

Meanwhile, the Blaugrana central defender takes advantage of his little free time – this weekend the season begins at Can Barça – to spend much of it with Chía.

This girl would have been working at Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s company.

This is what they say is Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend

As reported by The Sun itself, “Gerard Piqué and Clara have been seeing each other for months. She is a student who also works for him in his office, organizing events. They have kept their relationship a secret, but everyone around them knows what’s happening”.

Some say that Clara has been Shakira’s replacement, but that is not known for sure. She could have met her – or at least started to get close – after her breakup with Shakira.

We don’t know Speculations.

Shakira | LivNews24

“People have helped him keep the romance a secret and have deleted Clara’s accounts on social networks so that they cannot find photos of her. Only that makes his colleagues think he is serious,” say sources in the newspaper.

The Sun Well that, don’t try to find her, don’t try to look for her: in the media, today, she doesn’t exist.

We only know that she is blonde and thin.

We’ll see how long it takes Gerard Piqué to be seen with her.

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