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Cricket22: Ever since gaming has existed, there have also been people who don’t want to pay for games. Developers have always fought against pirates and bootleggers, sometimes with simple copy protection, but sometimes with very creative solutions. So the boss of Cricket 22 decided to simply troll bootleggers.

This is how the boss trolls the pirates: Normally, copy protection is used to keep pirates out and prevent them from playing. 

However, Cricket 22 does it differently: here you let the pirates in and then troll them properly with apparent “bugs”.

These lead, for example, to the digital pirates seeing a white screen between matches. 

Symons dismissed complaints about this “bug” by advising people to simply buy his game. Then go away too.

Ross Symons, the CEO of the company behind Cricket 22, took to Twitter to promise even more pirate games to come in the coming weeks. Below:

  • 100% loss on a coin toss
  • automatic disconnection from the controller with an indication that the battery is empty
  • endless rain

Heavy rain in cricket will result in the game being canceled and that is exactly what will happen in cricket 22. 

As soon as it is the player’s turn, heavy rain starts and lasts until the game ends.

He has a whole range of things he could do to the pirates. The mere fact that some players complain about the “bugs” lets them out themselves as pirate copiers.

The boss says: going this route is the right decision for him too.

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Cricket22: 300% more sales since the protection is active

Is it worth it for the developer? According to Symmons, sales on Steam have increased by 300% since he turned on the protection. 

His philosophy: excluding pirates from the outset is a lost sale.

However, letting them play and then encouraging them to buy could convince them. 

He even offers people to keep their progress if they switch from a drawn to a legal version.

What players are saying : There is sometimes a fair amount of headwind on Twitter .

A number of people are complaining here that the developers should kindly give them access to Cricket22. 

They have no money and pirated copies are their only way to play.

Others support the approach. 

Creative solutions are better than pure bans and a few laughs at the expense of the piracy provide entertainment.

Cricket 22 screenshot
Cricket 22 is a small sports game on Steam.

The game Cricket22 itself is doing well on Steam.

With 72% positive reviews overall and even 95% recently, the game CRICKET22 is mostly or very positive (via Steam ).

With an average of 150 players (via ), Cricket 22 doesn’t have that many fans on Steam, but it does have a player base.

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