“Dahmer”: Netflix’s ninth most watched series now

"Dahmer": 9th the most watched Netflix series

The series “Dahmer” is getting dizzying numbers that could make it a global phenomenon like Stranger Things and Squid Game.

Dahmer” is the series of the moment, so much so that with a skillful swipe of the tail, it made us forget (even if only for a moment) the wait for the arrival of the new seasons of Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Euphoria, Emily in Paris and Squid Game.

Having landed in the Netflix catalog a few days ago, Dahmer – Monster: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer has already become a media case thanks to the very high number of views that have made it reach a ninth place in the ranking of the most viewed English-language television programs of all time on the streaming platform.

Clip of “Dahmer” from Official Instagram Account of Netflix

“Dahmer”: The most watched Netflix

In less than two weeks (12 days, to be precise), this movie has been seen for 496.1 million hours by at least 56 million families.

Numbers of great importance if you think that the first season of Squid Game, the most viewed non-English-language series of all time, has a total of 1.65 billion hours, while Stranger Things 4 (to date) has recorded 1 35 billion hours of views.

Monster tells the true story of Jeffrey, one of the most famous serial killers in US history.

The character was entrusted to actor Evan Peters.

After playing Quicksilver in the X-Men films and Tate Langdon in the American Horror Story series, he stepped into the shoes of the famous serial killer with the name of Milwaukee Cannibal (aka The Cannibal of Milwaukee).

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A clip from "Dahmer"
A clip from “Dahmer” | LivNews24

Written by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, Monster: the Jeffrey story shows how the character played by Peters managed to kill undisturbed (or almost) at least 17 people between 1978 and 1991, raging on homosexual and black men, categories that at the time they were often ignored by the police.

In addition to Evan, the cast of Monster also includes Niecy Nash (as Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer’s neighbor), Richard Jenkins, Penelope Ann Miller, Molly Ringwald, Michael Learned, and Colin Ford.

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