Damiano David’s grandfather died: “You made me laugh”

Damiano David

The lead singer of the “The Loneliest” band Damiano David recalled his grandfather in an Instagram post full of love and gratitude.

Maneskin leader Damiano David entrusted Instagram with the announcement of the death of his beloved grandfather, to whom he dedicated a moving thought via social media.

“You took me in that Fiat500 wherever I needed to go. You made me taste the wine and smoke my first cigarette”, wrote Damiano in his Instagram post, where he recounted some of the memories that bind him to his grandfather, who died a few hours earlier.

Instagram Post from ykaaar

Damiano David at grandfather’s death

“Until the last second, you boasted that you were” the singer’s grandfather,” continued the leader of the Roman band who, thanks to the success achieved together with Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio, had made the grandfather, proud of having a grandson who had managed to make it reaching goals that no other Italian band had ever managed to achieve before, from the debut of Maneskin to X Factor to Sanremo and Eurovision, and therefore at the top of the charts of everything the world.

“I laughed because of you, but you make me cry today. Thanks for everything. Forever, little Gingi”, Damiano concluded.

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