Damiano David: Imprinted new tattoos during his current tour and their meanings

Damiano David
23 May 2021, Netherlands, Rotterdam: Singer Damiano from the band "Maneskin" (Italy) cheers after winning the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) during a press conference. The singer wears a tattoo "Il ballo della vita (The dance of life)" on his chest. Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa (Photo by Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Damiano David during his current tour in Japan with the Maneskins chose to give himself a new tattoo of huge dragon.

Always eager about tattoos, Damiano David during his current tour in Japan with the Maneskins chose to give himself a new tattoo (on the left side of his chest) displaying a huge dragon who, in Eastern culture, is believed a divine being the bearer of wisdom and magic.

A tattoo that counts to the very long collection of drawings and writings that the singer of ” Mammalia ” (writing that David had done on his pubis in honor of the popular Maneskin hit ) has been imprinted on his skin over the years to recall or celebrate some particularly significant moments of his public and private life, ranging from the first successes alongside Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio up to the love for his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri.

Located on the upper part of the chest, the inscription “The dance of life” was made in honor of the first Maneskin album entitled ‘The dance of life’.

The tattoo is therefore a clear tribute to the work done by Damiano David’s band.

Damiano David in a group photo with his Band | LivNews24

The fake Jesus

Among the most contested tattoos of the Maneskin singer, there is surely the one that the 23-year-old wears on his left thigh and which, according to some, would represent Jesus.

This interpretation was also disavowed by Damiano David himself who, after being accused of blasphemy, he was keen to clarify how the drawing is a sort of portrait of him.

Damiano David’s tatoo ‘Boys don’t cry

The homage to The Cure‘s song “Boys don’t cry” is more than evident, although David wanted to make that phrase even more personal (removing the stereotype of the alpha male all in one piece) by making a nice line above that doesn’t, a bit like saying that men cry too, and how.

Tattoo : Kiss that

The tattoo, or the writing “Kiss that” located right on the backside, is ironic and irreverent in pure Maneskin style. Do we need to say more to explain it?

The snake and the apple

The tattoo on the sternum with a snake drawn around an apple symbolizes sin by connecting to Genesis and the famous reptile that tempts Eve by convincing her to pick the forbidden fruit.

The Ali

One of Damiano David’s fan favorite tattoos is the wings that the “Shut up and good” singer sports in the groin area, accompanied by a verse from a song by rapper Vegas Jones that says; “For that pair of golden wings. We would have paid for all the gold in the world.”

The music

Shortly after the victory in Sanremo in 2021 with “Shut up and good”, a short text extrapolated from a theme he made in elementary school appeared on Damiano David’s calf and said: “I like playing with my toys. I love it when I fight my brother. I love it when I play with the Playstation. When I grow up I want to be a rock star.

Tattoo on Arms

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Both arms of the leader of the Maneskin are full of tattoos, passing from that “Mom” dedicated to the mother (to whom the rocker resembles a drop of water ) and then moving on to a pin-up, a large skull that surrounds a scythe (which then it would be death), a heart, a butterfly and a flower.

The back

The backThe back of the 23-year-old rocker is also tattooed and some cats (animals to which Damiano is very attached ), two little angels with a lot of bow and arrows, and a line art version of the word “Archangel Michael and the rebel angels “.

The couple tattoo with Giorgia Soleri

The word “Same Team” that David sports on his arm was also made by his girlfriend Giorgia and would symbolize the love that has united these two boys for 8 years.

The “jewels”

On the left hand of the singer (or rather, on the fingers) appear some strange decorations that David defined as “permanent jewels” that adorn his body.

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