David Meca is now making gold with the career, he studied in the United States

David Meca

This is how the life of former swimmer David Meca is now, who is now living the studies he carried out in the US

When we talk about David Meca , terms such as swimming, competition, world championships or sport come up.

And also effort and overcoming.

And it is that Meca has been world champion 28 times and accumulates more than 100 titles and world records in different sports.

But David Meca , at 48 years old , has long ago, although without losing sight of it, put the sport aside to dedicate himself to other tasks, taking advantage of everything he learned throughout his career.

And currently he earns a very good living pursuing the career he studied in the United States thanks to a sports scholarship.

David Meca works as a motivational coach

On the one hand, David Meca works as a motivational coach, instilling the values ​​he has acquired throughout his life, in which he had a childhood full of problems.

He himself told it in the program ‘ Camino Interior ‘ that premiered recently on Movistar + .

“When I was five years old I already started swimming and when I was eight I got up at 5:20 in the morning to go swimming and I cried and cried, because I didn’t want to. Water for me has been my obligation as a child, my job and what later has made me have everything I have, in values ​​and in a way of being. He has given me everything I have. They have been 20 very nice years, but very lonely, from which he has learned a lot, ”she commented.

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Meca is also an architect

A learning that, as we said, now he wants to share with whoever wants to take advantage of his motivational talks, in which he applies his experience in sports to the business world.

“A case of success and improvement that can help organizations, institutions and human capital to navigate their way through a conference of high motivational value. In it, David Meca helps people, who are the ones who truly make up companies, to train enthusiasm, motivation and happiness. Because, like a swimmer in open water, the company is constantly on the move, preventing threats, strong currents, dangerous sharks… And it must be able to survive in the environment and continue to grow. How he did it ”

David Meca

can be read on his website.

An activity that combines with architecture.

A profession that he studied in the United States thanks to a sports scholarship and that he now practices successfully.

Meca has a construction company in Madrid engaged in various projects.

Some knowledge that, in addition, has taken advantage of to reform their homes.

One of them is the penthouse he has on Madrid ‘s Gran Vía .

While he has another two in Barcelona .

In fact, in one of them, a former convent, it served as a home for Shakira and Gerard Piqué when they were still together.

They had it rented for two years. “They were excellent tenants. I have nothing but good words”, said David then .

With whom he did not have such a good experience was a friend of Shakira ‘s , to whom he later rented the convent, leaving the place in very poor condition.

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