The problematic debate on Emily Ratajkowski’s bisexuality now

Emily Ratajkowski

If Emily Ratajkowski is truly bisexual, however, it would be important news for the bi community that is still often invisible and discriminated against.

One wonders if it makes sense to talk about “seeking attention” when the bisexual community is among the most stigmatized and marginalized today.

Is Emily Ratajkowski bisexual? Fans of the model and author can’t rest since she released her latest video on her TikTok.

She did it on Coming out day and seems to hint that she identifies as bi.

Not for everyone; on the other hand, it is clear if she is actually like this or if it is the umpteenth case of queerbaiting (according to some, Madonna would have fallen too ) to make people talk about herself.

TikTok Video from the Official Account of Emily

The press in recent weeks has been reporting news about a possible flirtation between Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt, and the model was until recently married to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Yet one wonders if it makes sense to talk about “advertising” and “seeking attention” when the bisexual community is today. among the most stigmatized and marginalized.

Emily Ratajkowski’s bisexuality

“If you identify as bisexual, you have a green velvet sofa,” says a TikTok trend taken from Emrata.

The model then shows off her green velvet sofa and smiles. Fans flooded the post with comments: many celebrated the news and Ratajkowski’s courage in speaking openly about his sexual orientation, but others criticized the choice of making a video that was too cryptic and partly ironic on such an important issue , fueling the chatter on the topic.

Emrata, for now, has not commented further. Still, it is likely that, at the first opportunity, she will be asked for her opinion of her, and personal experience of her, on sexual attraction and relationships.

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“Bisexual people suffer the stigma not only from the heterosexual community but also from the LGBTQ + community, even if they are part of it “, she explains to the New York Times Jessica N.

Fish, a researcher at the University of Maryland School of Public Health who studies the well-being of LGBTQ + people.

“The stereotypes that it’s just confusion, that it’s a phase, and that bi people are promiscuous, perpetuate on both sides. This can greatly affect mental health.”

Bisexual people can be hypersexualized, and, at the same time, their sexual orientation can be belittled as “unclear”.

The risk of not taking Ratajkowski’s video seriously is falling into the same stereotypes.

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