Diana Spencer did not die by a pure fatality: The conspiracy theories about her death

Diana Spencer
Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer was killed because she was hiding several secrets and had become uncomfortable for the British royal family.

On the tragic night of August 25 years ago, Diana Spencer lost her life while becoming an immortal icon.

Much has been said about that car accident under the Alma bridge in Paris: two investigations, one French and one British, were opened to try to understand the reasons for the death of Diana Spencer , of her then-companion Dodi al -Fayed and their driver and the head of security at the Ritz Hotel owned by Fayed’s father, Henri Paul.

The official and full-blown version of the investigation is that Paul‘s blood alcohol level was very high and that this caused him to lose control of the car, up to the crash in the tunnel that cost him and two of his lives.

Passengers (Trevor Rees-Jones, Diana Spencer’s bodyguard at the time) were the only ones to be saved.

But many people believe the conspiracy theories about Lady D’s death and are not at all convinced that it was an accident.

We report some of them in view of the anniversary of his death on August 31, 199.

The prime proponent of these conspiracy theories is Mohamed al-Fayed, Dodi’s father.

He fought to tell his truth for years, forcing the British police to investigate all existing conspiracy theories to verify their integrity.

Operation Paget, which cost millions of pounds to the Egyptian tycoon who sponsored it to try to understand how his son died, analyzed about 170 different theories with a single point in common.

For many people, Diana did not die by a pure fatality, but she was killed because she was hiding several secrets and had become uncomfortable for the British royal family.

Many of these theories will be at the heart of Channel 4 and Discovery‘s new documentary Investigating Diana Spencer , Death in Paris; HBO‘s documentary The Princess, on Sky from August 31, also focuses on Diana’s death.

Conspiracy theories about Diana Spencer’s death:

She was pregnant at the time of the accident.

One of the most credited of the 175 conspiracy theories that swirl around Lady Diana’s death is that the Princess of Wales was pregnant with Dodi al-Fayed, too great a challenge to the super-conservative royal family, which in fact, according to what is claimed by long from Mohamed al-Fayed, he would never have accepted the arrival of a baby son of a Muslim man who would become the half-brother of the future King William.

The autopsy revealed that Diana Spencer was not pregnant at the time of the accident and that she hadn’t been pregnant in the previous months, considering some blood tests done while she was alive.

Diana was afraid of being killed.

She had written it herself in a letter to her butler Paul Burrell: she believed that her life would end due to a car accident, she felt in danger and was obsessed with the thought that they wanted to eliminate her to leave Carlo free to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.

His everlasting love.

The paparazzi killed her.

His son Harry seems to strongly believe in this theory.

According to sources close to the Duke of Sussex, he would have spent months analyzing what happened in the days and hours before his mother’s death to report everything in his biography to be released at Christmas.

In fact, several photographers were at the scene of the accident, even catching the last breaths of Diana (who later died in the night in the hospital), before being removed by the police and the paramedics who arrived at the scene to try to save the survivors.

Prince Harry has said several times that he blames the press for what they have done to his mother since the paparazzi-haunted engagement.

Other conspiracy theories claim that Diana was not helped to the best of her ability by the doctors who welcomed her into the Parisian hospital on the night of August 31; that Henri Paul deliberately crashed into the thirteenth pylon of the Alma tunnel; that the secret services, led by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, who wanted to get rid of Diana, are involved.

None of these theories has been proven: fate and fate, combined with a series of unfortunate events, led Diana Spencer to her death on that tragic night 25 years ago.

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