The era of digital detox: Tom Holland also pauses social media now

Tom Holland

Tom Holland said, “I find that Instagram and Twitter are over-stimulating and suffocating”

Tom Holland‘s video on Instagram to warn that he will leave Instagram, until a later date.

Tom Holland takes a break from social media and made it known to his fans with a post on his feed that, already in recent times, was in fact lacking in updates.

Only five posts in six months: it was to be expected that the actor was moving away from the social world.

After all, we are now in the era of digital detox and Holland’s name is just the latest in a long list of celebrities who have chosen to detox to prioritize mental health.

“I find Instagram and Twitter to be over-stimulating and suffocating,” said the actor, “I’m too involved when I read things about me.”

Tom Holland

And how to blame him.

” Hello and goodbye “, began the star of Spiderman: Homecoming in the caption of the video, “I have to take a break from social media for my mental health . ” “I let myself be taken, like a spiral, so it’s very harmful,” explained the 26-year-old, saying he was convinced to eliminate apps.

Tom Holland also pauses social media-

Holland, took the opportunity to talk about Stem4, “one of the charities supported by The Brothers Trust (the charity founded by Holland’s parents, ed ) that does a fantastic job”, precisely in favor of mental health.

“Asking and seeking help is not something we should be ashamed of,” added Tom, reiterating that he will disappear from social media and thanking the fans for understanding.

Tom Holland | LivNews24

Digital detox is now a reality.

Research confirms what we all experience on our skin : social media create addiction, devour our time, stimulate Fomo, increase eating disorders and lower self-esteem.

Added to this is the online hatred that proliferates semi-undisturbed.

Last year, actress Zoë Kravitz suffered a real shitstorm for wearing a transparent metallic dress by Saint Laurent at the Met Gala.

At that point she removed all of her photos from her profile and disappeared for a while.

“I’m a human being too. I have the right to defend myself, ”she commented.

Well before her, Selena Gomez was faced with the need to shut everything down to put her well-being first..

Her choice was drastic: she has n’t surfed online for 4 years and her social networks are managed by third parties .

Silence also from Pamela Anderson who, at the end of January 2021, left the social networks and has not yet returned.

But it is not necessary to aut aut: there are also those who pause for a while like Justin Bieber, who disappeared from Instagram in 2016 and then returned, Britney and even Kendall Jenner (only for 24 hours, however).

There are also apps like Goodtime, Digitox and Blackout that help you do this by limiting the “temptation” to check other people’s feeds and forcing you to live offline in the present. At least for a while.

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