Diletta Leotta in relationship with Loris Karius now

Diletta Leotta

The host of DAZN, the ex-girlfriend of Can Yaman, was seen together with a sportsman with whom the most talked-about story of autumn 2022 would be born.

According to the latest revelations reported by Gente, Diletta Leotta would have a new love.

After dating the model Giacomo Cavalli, who never became the official boyfriend of the DAZN host, Diletta would start a new relationship with Newcastle goalkeeper Loris Karius. 

Although Leotta and Karius are two very prominent characters, during their first dates, the couple managed to escape the eyes of the paparazzi, caught off guard in front of this new, as unexpected, “confirmed” attendance also via Instagram, where Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius have been following each other for a few weeks.

Diletta Leotta’s bond with Loris Karius

A relationship that is still young between Diletta and the Premier League footballer (known, despite himself, for the ducks during the Champions League final four years ago between Real Madrid and Liverpool, the team in which he played at the time) but who seems to have all the prerequisites to become something serious, to the point that Diletta would have already started an intensive English language course, to give her the possibility to communicate much more quickly with Karius.

Whether or not theirs can be a great love is too early to say for now, especially since, due to the work commitments of both, their chances of being able to meet are low.

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Over the years, the journalist has lived numerous more or less important relationships, almost all with men belonging to the world of sport: from that with the boxer Daniele Scardina (called Toretto ) to that with the Juventus striker Michele Paolucci, passing through Can Yaman (with whom Diletta Leotta had a very mediatic relationship that, according to rumors, should have resulted in a marriage) and Giacomo Cavallari, and then began dating the goalkeeper Karius, Leotta ‘s current partner.

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