Disney released remake of The Little Mermaid 2023 , Trailer with black Ariel

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Disney has unveiled the first teaser trailer for “The Little Mermaid 2023” remake starring black actress Halle Bailey on September 9. The film is sheduled to be released on May 26, 2023 at Disney.

The Walt Disney Company has released the first trailer for the new adaptation of “The Little Mermaid ” starring Halle Bailey.

The future film repeats the original plot, in which the mermaid Ariel falls in love with the prince and then agrees to the proposal of the villainess Ursula.

“Ariel is impressive to us. As a little girl swimming in the pool and imagining herself as a mermaid, I never thought this would come true.” the actress said after the trailer presentation as part of D23 Expo 2022.

Disney also released the trailer of The Little Mermaid on Twitter.

The Little Mermaid imdb: The remake of The Little Mermaid with black Ariel has also been released on imdb. Here is the link of to click The Little Mermaid on imdb

The Little Mermaid on Instagram

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The Little Mermaid release date

The film will premier on May 26,2023 by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Is The Little Mermaid coming out in 2022?

No, “The Little Mermaid” is not coming out this year. Only trailer of the film is released on September 9,2022, by Disney. The film will premier on May 26,2023.

Who is The Little Mermaid 2023?

Halle Bailey, with the role of black Ariel, is the Little Mermaid in the film.

Is Disney releasing a new Little Mermaid?

The film “The Little Mermaid” directed by Rob Marshall has released the trailer on Disney with Little Mermaid Ariel [character played by Halle Bailey].

The Little Mermaid 2022 cast

In addition to Bailey, The Little Mermaid starred John Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Jacob Tremblay voiced Flounder, the fish, David Diggs voiced Sebastian, the crab, and Aquafina Scuttle, the seagull.

Melissa McCarthy played the witch Ursula, and Javier Bardem played King Triton.

The film will feature songs from the original cartoon and compositions written specifically for the film.

The music was composed by Alan Menken, who wrote it for the cartoon, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who worked on Moana.

The director, commenting on the work on the remake, stated: “When we started this journey, it was essential to honor the original, but also rethink and bring some depth.”

The Little Mermaid trailer

Here is the Officially released trailer from Disney september 9, 2022.

In the video, Bailey performs the iconic song from the cartoon “Part of Your World” giving it a new unique sound.

The Little Mermaid Movie, pictures from set

Here is the glimpse of couple of pictures during the shoot.

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