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Do Revenge
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Center of “Do Revenge” is Revenge, but at this moment in the context of a teen film , in a combination between Mean Girls and Heathers between pleated skirts, schoolgirls dressed all the same.

“What will happen if we accept the cliffhanger part of a Hitchcock movie and set it in a high-school film?”

Hawke just returned as Robin in “Stranger Things,” and Camil is Eleanor Levitan and Drea Torres, protagonists of the “Do Revenge” available on Netflix, in stark disparity to the pastel-colored aesthetic, to infantile anger without brakes and sweeteners.

Robinson started with Hitchcock, drawing inspiration from the 1951 film The Other Man, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel Strangers on the Train.

Eleanor and Drea meet by chance and discover something in common: their life has been ruined, and now they want to take Revenge.

Drea (Mendes) has lost her role as the most popular girl in high school after her boyfriend shared an intimate video of hers without consent. Hawke is ridiculed and banned due to gossip about her relationship with a girl.

“I don’t want to make him pay for it. I want to raze her to the ground,” Hawke says in a scene in the trailer when the two girls choose to take each other’s Revenge.

This will enclose schemes, drugs, and disgraces of diverse kinds.

“I believe there are other points where everyone is the hero and the villain in this story,” Robinson narrated to Elle, “I desired to create something that was besmeared with all the shades of youth.”

Heaters had already thought of it, the film with Winona Rider from 1988 to create a parody in a dark key of teenage movies and, even in that case, the malice made of pure instinct was at the center vented against everything and everyone.

Do Revenge” examines female anger as a response not always reasonably observed by a society that asks girls to be docile and beaming.

“At the core of this task,” Mendes demonstrates, “are two young women who attempt to negotiate with their concussion and figure out the best method to accomplish it.”

Everything is feted with lightness, comedy, madness, and concentration to the aesthetics of the 90s and 2000s.

For Hawke, the result can be harsh; we’re not used to visiting two high school girls who tap into their darkest intuitions.

“The pain is there whenever you have to skim at imperfect lady characters,” Hawke explained to Refinery.

“Do Revenge” release date

The dark comedy “Do Revenge” has been released on 16 September, 2022.

“Do Revenge” Netflix

“Do Revenge” has been released and you can watch it on Netflix now. Here is the link to watch on Netflix. Click Here.

“Do Revenge” Trailer

The trailer of “Do Revenge”, the dark comedy, was released on 9 August, 2022 and is here is the link to watch. Click Here.

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