Elisa Maino and other celebrities at Venice Film Festival 2022

Elisa Maino

Cristina Marino , Elisa Miano, and Aurora Ruffino with other celebrities shared their views at 79th Venice Film Festival.

Cristina Marino, Elisa Maino, Ludovica Bizzaglia, and Muriel are just some of the celebrities who took part in the Cosmopolitan talks during the 79th Venice Film Festival.

From love to the relationship with their body, to the family, the guests told about their way of seeing the world, their relationship with the seventh art, and also their future projects.

It is enriched every day, with actresses, actors, singers, artists, and directors arriving from the red carpet at Des Bains, until 9 September.

Elisa Maino

“What perception do I have of my celebrity here? For the first few years, I was afraid of being in Venice. I didn’t want to be the influencer everyone criticizes. I realized that when I made the first videos I always experienced everything as a game, then it became real. I love this place perhaps by remembering how I was, trying not to be arrogant.”

Elisa Maino

The List Representative

Inside the verb to love there is silence. It means taking time to perceive and understand the space in which we find ourselves and who we are.

Listening and acknowledging even the things that are not good for us. With a fundamental responsibility for what you listen to.

It’s like creating a code. Love provides for this type of care and attention towards this great other.

“Laces. It makes me think of my father with whom I have a rather strange relationship, without strings. He makes me think of a day when trying to jump over a stream he slipped and fell into it. I thought of this man who feels the need to teach me, being a father, and somehow just “falls”. Relationships are also the way to show how these laces manage to open and even close. How they manage to indissolubly create a relationship.

Cristina Marino

Cristina Marino
Cristina Marino | LivNews24

“When you report that you are pregnant, acceptance is easier. For me, working on it, it is strange because you cannot communicate that this change is taking place which is the most beautiful in the world.” Cristina Marino stated.

“Brutal sincerity. Eroticism is a question of the body, loving and liking each other which is also the only way to please the other.”

“Some time ago I picked up a friend’s baby girl and I thought looking at Luca, but was Nina that small? Maternity means acquiring greater responsibility. Don’t drink an extra spritz when driving. Knowing that you also exist for someone else.”

Aurora Ruffino

Aurora Ruffino | LivNews24

“Love. To love means integrity, or rather to remain whole without modeling oneself on the other. Maintain your individuality and uniqueness. If you mold yourself into the other person at some point you will have problems. This, for example, is the only way I have managed to keep a long-distance relationship alive for seven years. Trying to think that we were two distinct people even though we loved each other very much.”


“For years I have tried to find an answer to the question ‘who do I love?’, ‘What do I love?’. To date, the definition doesn’t matter to me anymore. I love a person for who he is. The reason I started talking about these issues is little Muriel. Inspire other people and try to make sure that nobody goes through what I went through.”

Denny Mendez

Denny Mendez | LivNews24

“In the end, cinema and life are the same things. For this reason, for me, when I receive a part, it is not just about accepting the script for what it is, but it means trying to find a meeting point, a compromise between the text and my person because even in the work it is important to maintain its strong principles.”

Ludovica Bizzaglia

Ludovica Bizzaglia | LivNews24

“Feminism is any person who believes in the same equality between men and women. Very often before publishing a photo, which is a minimum of sexier, more risque content, I keep counting up to ten, because I always have that fear that tells you “You cannot pass for what you are not”. Here, my wish, to me and all of us, is to wake up one day and not have to think about it anymore. Freedom, yes.”

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