Elizabeth II prefered to watch “The Crown” on Sundays

Queen Elizabeth II and
Queen Elizabeth II and "The Crown"

Favorite habit of Queen Elizabeth II was watching “The Crown” on Netflix, preferably on Sundays, at Windsor Castle.

Among the British royal family members, some declare without remorse that they are fans of The Crown: Camilla and Prince Harry, for example.

“I’ve seen some episodes,” King Charles‘s second son commented in an interview, “It’s fiction, but it gives you a rough idea of ​​what the royal family’s lifestyle is like.”

On the other hand, some disassociate themselves; when asked by journalists, he replies that he has never seen a single episode or opt for a “no comment.”

William and Kate, for example, continue undaunted to claim that they have never had the curiosity to peek at the Netflix version of the royal family.

The biggest doubt, however, remained whether Queen Elizabeth watched the show or not. Now, after her death, there may finally be an answer.

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Elizabeth II watched “The Crown” at Castle

On Monday, September 19, during the Queen’s state funeral, royal commentator George Jobson, on the US channel ABC, said that one of Her Majesty‘s favorite habits was watching The Crown on Netflix, preferably on Sundays, at Windsor Castle.

In short, just like us, it seems that in recent years the sovereign allowed herself a little relaxation on the weekend in front of the television and enjoyed observing how the producers had interpreted the events of her life.

In particular, according to Jobson, Elizabeth II would have particularly appreciated the first two seasons of her, with Claire Foy in the protagonist role, those that show the less recent moments such as the coronation and the beginnings of her reign.

Instagram Post from the Official Account of The Crown Netflix
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It also seems that Prince Philip was not very supportive of this pastime.

According to the commentator, the Duke of Edinburgh did not appreciate how her character was presented in the TV series and was also quite convinced that Elizabeth would only get nervous as the show went on.

This seems to have happened with the fourth season, which shows, among other things, the thorny events related to the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

At the moment, the fifth season should be out, and production of the sixth should begin.

With Her Majesty’s death, however, the show has been put on hiatus as a sign of respect and, for now, no announcements have been made on when it will resume.

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