Elodie Di Patrizi and Iannone’s relationship in gossips now

Elodie Di Patrizi

The couple Elodie Di Patrizi and Iannone have been dating since this summer but have started showing up together on social media in recent weeks.

After hiding for a long time from the prying eyes of photographers and gossip, the motorcycling champion and the singer at the top of the charts with “Bullets”, come out on social media.

In fact, in the past few hours on Elodie Di Patrizi‘s Instagram profile, between a selfie and a shot in the company of friends, a super sweet image has also appeared that immortalizes the 32-year-old embraced by Andrea Iannone, who in turn is intent on giving her a tender kiss on the forehead.

Elodie Di Patrizi shared first selfie with Iannone

A simple and “natural” photo, the one shared by Elodie Di Patrizi, where instead of the usual perfect and glossy images, priority was given to the substance of things, focusing attention on the sincerity of this feeling that does not need filters or locations to scream to be still beautiful.

To demonstrate this thesis, there are also some videos published in the previous days by Iannone, with the sportsman he had recovered with Elodie Di Patrizi during a picnic in the woods where, between one ride and the other, the two had shown themselves tired but happy to spend time together.

A few weeks ago, the singer of “Bagno a midnight” was a guest of Mara Venier on Domenica In, where she talked about her dating with the 33-year-old, which has lasted for two months and who, according to her words, is proceeding at full speed.

However, Elodie Di Patrizi is still somewhat reluctant to define her relationship with Iannone (formerly of Giulia De Lellis and Belén).

“Let’s go slowly; it’s been a short time; it’s too early to say”, said the artist who, before Andrea, had had a relationship with rapper Marracash by his side from 2019 to 2021.

Although Elodie Di Patrizi and Marracash continued to profess to be “in love” with each other even after the end of their story, the two singers decided by mutual agreement not to continue their relationship as a couple, remaining friends.

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“I love the most, and it is a great fortune. It doesn’t necessarily happen. I understand now what love is”, revealed the 32-year-old singer of” Tribale “in July during an interview with Peter Gomez in La confessione. “Won’t a next boyfriend be happy with this?” He’ll never be up to it anyway, “Elodie Di Patrizi had concluded.

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