Elodie and Iannone formalize relationship with kiss in Madrid now

Elodie Di Patrizi

After being together with Vasto, the couple, Elodie Di Patrizi and Andrea Iannone, flew to Spain for a weekend together.

Elodie and Andrea Iannone have decided to live their acquaintance in the sun’s light without paying too much attention to the paparazzi.

The photographers saw the couple from the magazine Chi during a weekend of love in Madrid, where the singer of “Tribale” and the motorcyclist strolled through the city streets like two ordinary tourists, hand in hand, letting themselves go even to passionate hugs and kisses.

Elodie in relation with Iannone

Instagram Post from gossiptvvv

When Elodie said she was not ready to discuss the relationship with Andrea, Iannone seemed long gone because she was still too fresh and fragile.

The 32-year-old appears to be more sure of her feelings toward her. Moreover, in recent days the couple had gone together to Vasto, where the former star of Amici is said to have met his parents.

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During their short escape to Madrid, the singer of “Bagno a midnight” and the pilot also made their debut as a couple on Instagram, where in recent days, they posted on Instagram a selfie that immortalized them embraced and happy, ready to show themselves together.

Before love-struck between the 32-year-old and the 33-year-old, the star of “I eat my heart” had had an affair with rapper Marracash (with whom Elodie was engaged for about two years), while the sportsman was engaged to BelĂ©n (from 2016 to 2018) and subsequently with Giulia De Lellis, at his side from the summer of 2019 until the spring of 2020.

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