Emily’s season 3: Emily Cooper and Alfie in love in the first photos

Emily's season 3: Emily Cooper and Alfie are in love
Emily's season 3: Collins and Laviscount are in love

Netflix has shared images from the third season of the TV series which, in the new episodes, will show us the love life of Emily Cooper

Netflix has released the first images of the third season of Emily in Paris, the TV series set in Paris which tells the life of Emily Cooper, aka Lily Collins, a young woman struggling with a new city, new friends, and a job that gives a lot of satisfaction and two men who make her heart beat in alternating phases.

If in Emily in Paris 1, Cooper had a crush on the neighbor Gabriel (aka Lucas Bravo ) boyfriend of his new best friend Camille (Camille Razat), here in Emily in Paris 2, it seemed that between the marketing expert and the chef could be born something more serious.

Thanks to the new photos published by Netflix, however, we now discover that in Emily in Paris 3, the character of Collins will be officially engaged with Alfie, with whom he had also started dating in the episodes of season 2.

Emily Cooper and Alfie’s relationship

A relationship between Emily and Alfie will bring no little chaos in Cooper’s life, and this, not only because the boy at the end of the previous season returned to live in London, but also because, in the course of all the episodes, the protagonist never proved to be able to forget Gabriel.

What is certain for now is that, as anticipated by the new images, in the third season of Emily in Paris, Cooper will continue to live his dream life between crazy parties, exclusive parties, and super chic clubs. And, of course, a lot of luxury.

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