Emily Ratajkowski criticized “Blonde”: ” Stop fetishizing female pain “

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

The model and author Emily Ratajkowski have criticized Andrew Dominik’s film “Blonde” about Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde, Andrew Dominik’s Marilyn Monroe film based on Joyce Carol Oates’ biography, is causing some debate.

Too brutal, some say, too much violence, too much “pornography of pain.” There are rape scenes, talking fetuses, oral sex under the influence of drugs, and pills: Marilyn’s body is brutalized in different and detailed ways for three hours. Worn, perhaps in analogy with what pop culture has done and still does with the diva image.


So done with the fetishization of female pain and suffering. Bitch Era 2022

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TikTok video where Emily criticized “Blonde”

Maybe precisely because she, too, as she told in her book Di lei My Body di lei, has experienced what it means to see her body become the property of everyone, even Emily Ratajkowski wanted to tell her about the film.

Emily Ratajkowski criticized “Blonde” on TikTok

“I’ve heard a lot about this movie about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, which I haven’t seen yet,” said the model in a video on TikTok, “but I’m not surprised to know it’s yet another film that fetishes female pain.”

The main criticism of Blonde’s detractors is that of Marilyn; one chooses to tell the exact version once again: that of the sexy doll who, since childhood, could not help but take up her role as a victim and build on it. A myth.

We could talk about something else, his political ideas, for example, or the fact that he wrote poetry, but we continue to choose not to; it is less intriguing.

“We love fetishizing female pain,” explains Emrata, “think of Amy Winehouse, of Britney Spears, look at how we are obsessed with Diana’s death, how we are obsessed with dead girls and serial killers. Look at any episode of CSI; there is a crazy fetishization of female pain and death.”

In the book “The Monstrous Female“, Jude Ellison Sady Doyle explains the obsession with the so-called “dead blonde,” beautiful and sexy women, real or imaginary, raped, killed and then immortalized by pop culture.

“We think we have left the slasher genre behind us, but women are still attracted to the black screen of violence; they try to understand, to write their narrative on that disturbing opaque surface .”

Official Trailer of “Blonde”

Patriarchy, Doyle argues, loves to dwell on female violence and pain to exorcise its erotic power, sexual charge and witch-like aura.

On the other hand, women read about rape and femicide every day and learn as a child to fear for the integrity of their bodies: watching the female pain staged can be a way to subconsciously metabolize the awareness that their value is their survival is in the hands of men.

Certain films, Doyle explains, for girls are “a confrontation with the worst that can happen in their newly blossomed sex lives; it is a cathartic ritual that exposes and recognizes the vulnerability of the female body in a world dominated by men .”

“I,” says Emrata, “have learned to fetishize my pain in life so that it looks like something that can be cured. It’s a little sexy: “I’m like that, a messed up girl.”

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“Women and pain” is an effortless combination because it has been seen and reviewed. So why do we keep sipping it in its umpteenth reproduction? Emrata wonders.

“I was thinking about it”, concludes the model on TikTok, “And you know what is challenging to fetishize? The anger. Anger is difficult to fetishize. So, I have a proposal. I think we should all be a little more pissed off. “

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