Emma D’Arcy making splash on TikTok now

Emma D'Arcy

The actress, Emma D’Arcy, AKA Rhaenyra Targaryen from the HBO series of the moment, is making a splash on TikTok with an interview in which she talks about her favourite drink. “With prosecco in it” is now a must.

Anyone with a profile on TikTok has also seen it because it is impossible to avoid it.

We’re talking about the video in which Emma D’Arcy, the actress who plays Rhaenyra Targaryen as an adult in the HBO series House of The Dragon, reveals to her colleague Olivia Cooke that her favourite drink is Negroni. Wrong. “with prosecco in it.” Let’s first review it for the umpteenth time because it doesn’t pay off in words.


In my vlogger era. First day of law school ✅

♬ original sound – Emma Darcy
Emma D’Arcy’s TikTok video from her Official Account

The British accent of Emma D’Arcy, her winking pose, and the persuasive tone of voice made the internet unleash.

Splash of Emma D’Arcy on TikTok

In addition to the views of the official video published on the HBO profile (at the time of writing, there are 13 million), there are also hundreds of thousands of duet videos, starting with the original one, in which users film themselves melting to hear Emma ask for her favourite drink.

The exchange – perfectly and spontaneously choreographed by the two actresses, nothing to say – has become a meme and a widely used audio on TikTok (24 thousand have already used it). User comments range from “Emma, ​​marry me” to “I don’t even want to say what happens inside me when Emma says ‘Wrong’.”

For her part, D’Arcy is enjoying the well-deserved celebrity consecrated by the role of one of the most anticipated series of recent years.

The actress, a non-binary person, has always spoken openly about her identity and how this should in no way affect her work.

House of the Dragon
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In the Telegraph, compared to Rhaenyra ‘s alter ego, she said she loves playing female roles and that it would be worse if she were allowed to put on other women’s shoes.

And to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress said that entering those of Princess Targaryen,Emma D’Arcy, helped her to understand better her emotional sphere as a girl born and raised in a world of men, enabled her to make any gesture and to lie even though to maintain status, that of the heir to the throne, which belongs to her by birthright.

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