Emma Marrone back to social networks after father’s death

Emma Marrone
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“He was sick with leukemia”, Emma Marrone returned to social networks to put a stop to the too many rumors spread in the last hours and to thank the fans for their support.

A few days after her father’s death, Emma Marrone is back on social media, and this is not only to thank her fans for the affection she received.

But also to invite all her followers to donate the marrow and stop the many allegations spread on Twitter and Instagram in the last few hours, which insinuated that Rosario Marrone would die from the Covid vaccine.

These are heavy statements in front of which Emma could not remain silent despite her mourning, publicly recounting her father’s battle against leukaemia.

Emma Marrone shared story of father’s death on Instagram

Emma Marrone shared story of father’s death

My dad was fighting leukaemia since last October,” said Emma Marrone on Instagram.

Tried by these dark days but no less grateful to all those who dedicated thought to her and her father in such a difficult moment in her life.

Within her message, the singer of Salento origins also found the strength to reply to the haters who, in recent days, have speculated on the death of their father by putting it in correlation with vaccines for Covid.

“I would have liked to comment on all those subjects speculating on my father’s good name with the usual imaginative and ignorant inferences on the issue of vaccines. Here, I think that life has given you plenty of thought, “said Marrone before sending an important message to all his fans:” To those who have asked me how to help us in recent days, I ask you to become bone marrow donors. This country requires more donors. Supporting others points to supporting yourself; the more we are, the more lives we can hold.”

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