Emma Marrone: Emotional now at presentation of film ‘The Return’

Emma Marrone

At the Rome Film Fest, the singer and actress Emma Marrone talked about Rosario’s illness and how “I was by his side.”

It was a moving meeting at the Rome Film Fest on the occasion of the presentation of the film The return starring Emma Marrone, who recalled her father, Rosario, who died on 5 September 2022 due to leukemia in front of the audience in the room.

“When I was shooting, he was already sick,” said the former singer of Amici in tears, still very shaken by the disappearance of her father, whose illness in the last period of the filming of The Return had become more and more pressing.

Emma Marrone talks about her father at presentation of film ‘The Return’

“Carrying on all this stuff with the weight of dad on his shoulders was not easy,” explained the artist before adding a heartfelt: “I had a great dad.”

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“I chuckle first and then scream, but it’s the reality. I don’t think there is anything strange or unspeakable; when I was shooting, dad was already sick, and that’s why I keep thanking all the people who were on the set “, confessed Marrone before adding:” They helped me when I had to disconnect to be on the phone with him and handle a bigger situation than me.

I did all my work; other people with another profession could not have done it. I could allow myself the luxury of abandoning everything and spending the last few months with him, side by side, until the end.

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During the meeting with the public, Emma also spoke about her mother, to whom she is deeply grateful for having lived a life devoted to the family: “She taught me to take care of myself more internally than externally. She is a lady who devoted herself fully to us by making multiple sacrifices: she is the most beautiful mother in the world “, said the singer of” I o son Bella, “proud of having made mum (but also a dad) proud for her adventure as an actress. Before The Return, Emma Marrone starred in other successful films such as Welcome to the North, Christmas Dinner, and The Most Beautiful Years by director Gabriele Muccino.

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In the latest work presented at the Rome Film Festival, Emma plays the role of Teresa, a woman who returns home after ten years in prison in the arms of her partner and son.

“This movie is a part that was missing. I needed to test myself to understand if I wanted to make films in uncertain terms. In this film, I am discovered and under the direct eye of everyone,” she continued the winner of Sanremo in 2012 with the song” Non è inferno. 

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