Hunter Moore : The most hated man on the internet

Hunter Moore

The most hated man on the internet, the Netflix documentary about Hunter Moore the character he enjoyed ruining lives

It is sacrosanct to say that hatred is not answered with hatred, but the first very human reaction that one tries to follow on the screen the story of Hunter Moore is precisely this: unspeakable contempt and deep anger. 

The trigger warning , before watching the documentary streaming on Netflix from July 27 entitled The most hated man on the Internet , is necessary: ​​we are talking about revenge porn and the three episodes from which it is composed can do very, very badly.

The title of the documentary refers to the famous 2012 article published in Rolling Stones , in which Moore was “profiled”.

At the center of the scene of this new Netflix true crime are mainly the victims, the people who helped them get justice and a boy, Moore, who, around 2010, launched a site, Is Anyone Up ? ,

which not only did it become a container of private images sent by vengeful ex-boyfriends , friends in the mood for destructive goliardia or even hacked from the pc of unsuspecting boys , 

But it also fomented hatred for those who ended up on the pages of the portal, generating waves of slut, fat and victim shaming which, today, it is even difficult to witness via the television screen.

The story of Hunter Moore 

who – let’s start from the end, just to feed even more that anger mentioned at the beginning of the review – is currently free and enjoys tweeting disturbing messages from his profile (from Facebook, however, he had the banfor life) begins when the portal he invented to publish stolen nude photos became a global phenomenon.

Hunter Moore, who has often proudly defined himself as a “serial screw wrecker”, at the height of his success (but also after), has never denied the terrible reverberations that the publication of the photos had on those directly concerned,

Placing the blame in particular to the girls who, taking intimate photos of themselves, “had to be ashamed and accept being a spitty because they were looking for it.

” The fault, in Moore’s toxic narrative, was always the victim: it was a pity that, as discovered by an investigation carried out by the FBI and, privately, by Charlotte Laws.

After her daughter had ended up on the portal with lots of sensitive details like telephone number, addresses and direct link to the Facebook profile,

From a legal point of view, Hunter Moore felt perfectly safe from revenge porn , so there was no law or protection: his site became a container for photos sent by third parties and, as such, he was not responsible for them.

But the crime of hacking was instead punishable by law. 

And, among other things, even with this accusation, about 18 months after the launch of the site, Moore was convicted, only to be released in 2017.

The best time is when Anonymous is angry with him: it is definitely the most enjoyable part of the documentary.

The Netflix documentary has no mercy on Hunter Moore, who is portrayed as the arrogant bully and madman that he is. 

About Is Anyone Up? the favorite activity of its founder’s followers, who called themselves The Family (in the style of Charles Manson, Moore’s great inspiration), was to humiliate the victims, unleashing a shitstorm of offensive, violent, hateful comments for the sheer sake of ruining lives. 

Among the girls found during the Charlotte Laws investigation, there are some who attempted suicide due to the repercussions on public and private life of the post that appeared on the portal.

Does it hurt to watch The Most Hated Man on the Internet ?

Very, very much. But, just like other documentaries – among them The Tinder Swindler , on the serial scammer Simon Leviev – this work serves to raise awareness on issues that are often little known, minimized or, worse, oriented to the persecution of the victim. 

Knowing the story of Hunter Moore and the consequences on his victims, since unfortunately the world is full of people like him and the web is teeming with groups and communities similar to him, is therefore painfully necessary.

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