The sprees of Íñigo Onieva without Tamara Falcó, watch now

Tamara Falcó

Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó are separated again this summer, with him partying in Turkey and she praying in Serbia

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva know how to distribute their vacations well, organizing just enough time for them so that there is no wear and tear.

Thus, the couple is spending a summer in which they share some moments but without getting cloying.

Now, while Tamara has gone to Serbia to pray to the Virgin, Íñigo Onieva has gone to Turkey with some friends .

Íñigo Onieva
Íñigo Onieva

Almost a month ago, Tamara stayed in Madrid while Íñigo Onieva went to Ibiza.

There she coincided with Mar Torres , with whom it is known that they are friends.

And although they were not scrambled, they were together. Both, separately, stayed in a very exclusive complex on the Balearic island.

A luxury villa that not all budgets have access to.

The two published photos on social networks in which it was possible to verify that they were staying in the same place and also coincided by frequenting one of the exclusive restaurants on the island.

Íñigo Onieva partying in Turkey , Tamara Falcó praying in Serbia

Íñigo Onieva / livnews24

Days later Íñigo was with Tamara in Mallorca .

A stay after which they have separated again.

While she has gone to Serbia on a religious pilgrimage to pray to the Gospa , which is the Virgin in Serbian, Onieva is visiting some of the most exclusive places in Turkey .

“It has been a wonderful few days at the Youth Festival in Megugorje with the help of the Gospa (The Virgin in Serbian).

I have cried, laughed, sung and obviously prayed.

For all of you who are reading this, the Virgin is inviting you to come… this is how it works.

I have been lucky that my friend Clara and my super friends from the Macrofiesta del Rosario have included me in their pilgrimage”, Falcó wrote in a publication that he uploaded to his Instagram account, in which he included photos and videos of his stay .

A post to which Íñigo reacted with a “Miss u”.

Íñigo , meanwhile, as we have also been able to see on the networks, is in Turkey with his friends visiting some restaurants and beaches, as well as going on a yacht or jet ski.

Tamara Falcó shows her life on Netflix
Meanwhile, you can now enjoy the documentary by Tamara Falcó on Netflix , which is available on the video-on-demand platform starting August 4 .

‘Tamara Falcó: La Marquesa’, is the title of the series, in which you will be able to see what the young woman’s day-to-day is like, as well as discover her passion for cooking or religion.

And pay attention to the trailer, because at the end of the video it fades to black and a voice is heard saying that “T amara she wants to see wedding dresses” .

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