Jennifer Lopez has not signed any prenuptial contracts with Ben Affleck

jennifer lopez ben affleck

The Batman singer and actor refused to give in to pressure from their lawyers who wanted their clients to protect their assets

With their marriage Jennifer Lopez andAffleck have become one of the most powerful and richest couples in the whole showbiz, on a par with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Rihanna and Asap Rocky and, of course, the inevitable Beckhams.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

In this context, JLo would have refused to sign a prenuptial contract that protected her assets, as Lopez ‘s feeling for Affleck is “total and unconditional” and does not want in any way that economic interests can undermine the relationship with the actor.

jennifer lopez And ben affleck | Livnews24

As reported by an insider to OK! Magazine , in fact, the couple would have decided to rely on the sincerity of the feeling that unites them without paying too much attention to the legal quibbles that are usually taken into consideration when marrying two stars of the caliber of Ben Affleck and Lopez . 

Their fortunes, according to what was leaked, would amount to around 550 million dollars distributed as follows: 400 million would be the net worth of the star of the film Marry Me , while the fortune of the Batman actor would be around 150 million, plus dollar, dollar. less.

“Jennifer loves Ben for who he is,” admitted the insider, explaining how Lopez has put everything he has on the line to live his story with the actor to the full.

” Affleck has changed a lot in these 18 years and his evolution has played a decisive role in their union”, continued the source, revealing how the Bennifers (who arrived in Capri just in the last few hours) are perfect for each other.

creating a well-balanced mix that makes Lopez and Affleck a more than winning couple. ” J-Lo no longer has the same need as in the past to show off or do things big”, the insider concluded, also explaining the reason why no prenuptial contract was stipulated, even at the cost of put their respective possessions in “danger”.


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