Jorge Javier Vázquez is still in ‘Save me’, but the program charges 18 colleagues who will not return

Jorge Javier Vázquez

Jorge Javier Vázquez, Mediaset charges 18 workers in a decision that has bothered a lot in ‘Save me’

Jorge Javier Vázquez.Changes in Telecinco .

And not only on the grid, where they have premiered some programs and are preparing changes for the next season in search of improving audiences and once again reigning on the small screen.

And it is that in recent months, in the chain they have seen how Atresmedia surpassed them time and time again.

The structure among some workers has changed.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and the heavy weights continue, but the company has left 18 people on the street.

As announced this Monday, August 1, has decided to outsource the makeup and hairdressing service, which has caused the group to lay off up to 18 workers.

An issue that the collaborators of ‘ Sálvame ‘ did not like at all , who commented on the matter directly.

Mediaset charges 18 workers
They did it on the same Monday, while they were talking about the problems of José Ortega Cano and whether the former bullfighter had decided to leave his entire inheritance to his daughter Gloria Camila .

Suddenly, Lydia Lozano got up to make a comment that had nothing to do with what was being discussed at the gathering.

“By the way, the whole team wants to give a very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coaches, those who have loved us…”, commented the collaborator.

Immediately afterwards and without Lozano having finished, it was Terelu Campos who took the floor.

“We want to send a huge kiss and all our support to the best team of makeup and hairdressing professionals on all television stations in this country, and I say this knowingly.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Save me’-

You have our love and our support, but above all, we have the friendship that we have forged over many, many years, and that is the best thing that we have between them and us”, said the daughter of María Teresa Campos .

The tertulianos of ‘Sálvame’ protest before the collective dismissal of Mediaset
“They have been our cloth of tears, they have been in our happy moments,

They have put up with each of our nonsense and have done wonders with these faces that are a horror and that come in the morning freshly washed and freshly combed,” Jorge Javier Vázquezadded, while the rest of the set erupted in applause.

For her part, Adela also raised her voice: “Life is about changes and hopefully, we will meet soon, because they are great professionals.”

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