Luis Miguel is now negotiating the purchase of Enrique Ponce’s farm

Luis Miguel

Soon there may be a new episode in this novel

Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce have known each other for more than two decades. 

The singer Luis Miguel does not have such a large circle of friends, since there are few people who earn his trust, so it is already common to see their names together in the headlines of the news. 

This time it was no less, because it transpired that the interpreter is interested in buying the bullfighter’s farm and that he is seeing Paloma Cuevas . 

Being one of the most impressive and beautiful lots in the community, the news is shocking. 

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas, according to popular perception, lived a charming marriage in their fortress located in Jaén . 

“La Cetrina” has 904 hectares, in that place they spent the last moments before the controversial separation. 

Since 1997, the property became the family home, which was when the firm Díaz y Sanjuan finished the work. 

The house is made up of three levels in which the ground floor, the upper floor and the basement are distinguished. 

Not even Luis Miguel could resist his charms, we tell you some of his fascinating elements. 

The building is inspired by Andalusian design currents, with the original main access that exhibits nuances of the Plaza de la Maestranza. 

The shared spaces of the house include a party room, reading area, play area, dining room and more. 

On the upper floor is the main room, with a spacious bathroom, dressing room and a small room. 

In addition to the above, there are 4 other rooms. 

And Ponce’s cellar in the basement. The best thing is that from any window you can enjoy the view of nature and the stream. 

Currently, this paradise is for sale. 

Does Luis Miguel approach Paloma Cuevas to buy Enrique Ponce’s farm?

In recent days, the apparent romance between the Mexican singer and the ex of the right-hander was revealed. 

According to the international media, the rapprochement of these two characters was due to the fact that they were establishing a relationship that goes beyond the limits of friendship . 

The truth is that the meeting was in Madrid and, having confirmed this meeting, speculation began. 

It was even said that the reasons for the sun of Mexico were not love, but real estate, since, when making the divorce official, the property was distributed

And, despite everything, the reality is that the interpreter of La unconditional is not talking about the acquisition of the house. 

In fact, there are those who point out that it does not have a very stable economic position. 

Probably because her ex, Araceli Arambula, constantly denounces that she does not pay child support for her children. 

As for whether the artist has something with Paloma, a close source has denied it. They have a very close friendship and their relatives certify that they share hobbies, nothing beyond that. 

Not forgetting that Luis Miguel doesn’t commit to just one woman. 

Luis Miguel —like many friends of Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas— has had a great time in “La Cetrina”. However, that is a closed chapter.

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