Roberto Leal refused to be the substitute for Jorge Javier Vázquez in Telecinco and now he is like a king in Maldives

Roberto Leal

Roberto Leal went through Telecinco and was able to return, but he chose other projects and the truth is that nothing has gone wrong for him

Roberto Leal is one of the best-known faces on television.

He is currently the presenter of ” Pasapalabra” , a difficult position that not all communicators are qualified to occupy.

Although it is also true that, instead of Antenta 3 , where the contest is broadcast, he could be succeeding on Telecinco .

Something that he rejected in what does not seem like a bad decision.

We have seen Roberto Leal in countless programs and networks.

Among others, in ‘ Siete Lunas ‘ on Canal Sur , ‘ Cada Día ‘ on Antena 3 or in ‘ España Directo ‘ on TVE .

Although there is much more. He has been a collaborator of ‘ Public Mirror ‘, host of ‘ You deserve it’ with Paula Vázquez , ‘ Operation Triunfo’ … the list is immense.

The beginnings of Roberto Leal are on Telecinco

Although to find its beginnings we must go to Telecinco .

First in ‘ Talking the Basque is understood ‘ presented by Jesús Vázquez , where he intervened as a guest at only 13 years old, and later in the news, in the Andalucía newsroom, after finishing his journalism studies in Seville in 2001 .

A chain from which he has received offers again later, when he was already better known on the small screen.

Proposals that, without a doubt, would have taken him to the top of Telecinco.

He has plenty of qualities, sympathy and charisma to take over from Jorge Javier Vázquez , whether presenting programs like ‘ Sálvame’ or realities like ‘ Survivors’ .

In fact, he has already presented a reality show , the aforementioned ‘ OT’ .

However, Leal always remained his surname wherever he was.

And the truth is that it has not gone badly.

He is equally one of the most notorious stars on television.

Roberto Leal did not need to return to Telecinco to succeed

Roberto Leal who is currently enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the Maldives with his partner, Sara Rubio .

Both are staying at the Anantara Dhugu Maldives Resort luxury resort .

A destination that costs between 500 and 2,500 euros per night.

As we said, it hasn’t gone bad for Roberto Leal .

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