Eros Ramazzotti dedicates “Most beautiful thing” to Aurora: “Aurora, I love you.”

Eros Ramazzotti
Eros Ramazzotti with daughter Aurora Ramazzotti

Before singing “Most beautiful thing” at the Verona Arena, the Roman singer, Eros Ramazzotti, was moved by talking about his daughter’s pregnancy with Michelle Hunziker.

After confirming she was pregnant, Aurora Ramazzotti was overwhelmed by the affection and a flood of good wishes, social and otherwise.

The most beautiful message arrived in the last few hours when Eros Ramazzotti, during the concert he was holding at the Arena in Verona, wanted to make a special dedication to his daughter.

In a few months, she will become a mother for the first time.
Before singing “Most beautiful thing,” Eros publicly wanted to say how happy and proud he was of his daughter.

Eros Ramazzotti dedicates “Most beautiful thing” to Aurora

“Aurora, you make me a grandfather. Incredible! I want him on stage to sing with me, whether male or female “, Ramazzotti began, obviously moved, addressing her daughter, sitting in the audience in Verona with her partner Goffredo Cerza.

“The important thing is that he is well and, as I said before, that he comes to a better world than the one we live in. Thanks, Auri, I love you” he then concluded the cantate of”Infinite beat “Before his daughter (had by ex-wife Michelle Hunziker) replied to her words by sending him a tender kiss.

This beautiful moment was promptly filmed by Giulia De Lellis (among the spectators of the Eros Ramazzotti concert ) and promptly shared on her Instagram account, where she hoarded super enthusiastic likes and hearts.

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