Eros Ramazzotti: Hand in hand with new girlfriend in Milan

Eros Ramazzotti

The paparazzi intercepted the singer Eros Ramazzotti as he walked hand in hand with a mysterious woman through the streets of central Milan at the end of a romantic dinner.

While the ex-wife Michelle Hunziker seems to have reconnected with her ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi (with whom she would be dating in great secret), Eros Ramazzotti seems to let himself go into the arms of new love.

Eros Ramazzotti into the arms of new love

Although Ramazzotti is one of the most loved Italian singers, he has always cared about his privacy, especially as regards his relationships with women who, after the end of the marriage with Hunziker, were never shared with the public to keep them instead. , as far as possible, away from gossip and prying eyes.

Although nothing is yet known about Ramazzotti’s possible new girlfriend, who in 2023 will become a grandfather for the first time thanks to his daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, according to what is told by the weekly Diva e Donna, the couple would have concluded his night walk by slipping into the door itself, which would suggest that something more than a superficial acquaintance is already taking place between Eros and the woman.

Just the fact that the singer had no problem showing himself hand in hand with a girl in public suggests that there is already something solid and profound at the base. After all, in these forty years of career, for the artist, there have been “only” two great loves: Michelle (with whom Eros Ramazzotti was married from 1998 to 2009 and with whom he had Aurora ) and Marica Pellegrinelli (wife of the singer from 2014 to 2019, from whose union the two children Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio were born ).

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