Eros Ramazzotti inaugurates his tour in Seville now

Eros Ramazzotti
Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti in Spain for the preview of his World Tour which in seventy dates will take him around the world, publishes his new album Battito Infinito.

Fifteenth of September, a plane leaves in the morning from Malpensa airport.

Journalists, influencers, and friends are on board.

The direction of La Maestranza in Seville, in the Plaza de Toros, for the first preview of Eros Ramazzotti‘s world tour departing on October 30th from Los Angeles.

It is an important date; the invitations are due.

Also, at midnight, Battiato Infinito (Capitol Records Italy under license from Vertigo / Eventim Live International) is releasing his new album four years after the last.

A very long time for modern discography, but necessary for those who have been making music for more than 35 years, and trim is in the industry’s rules.

What counts is the music, the one played, the one that does not chase the charts with recipes cooked for streaming: “It is essential to be able to give the rhythm, in this record there is everything, but above all there is music because what is missing today is to hear play an instrument. I no longer sound like the twenties but I like to play music”, Eros Ramazzotti says.

Twelve new songs were written during the quarantine by Eros Ramazzotti , linked by a common thread, love, with which the Roman singer presents his manifesto.

A renewed identity, as if it were a new professional beginning, after the long stop for music, and on a human level following the separation from Marica Pellegrinelli.

Hope, restart, taking into account the passing of time and his desire to remain coherent: “I like music and I think I will die on stage because it is my life.”

A varied lineup, with a look that looks more to the past, leaves room for some new songs from the album.

Inauguration of Eros Ramazzotti’s tour

From “Battiato infinito” to “Ama,” where Aurora, her daughter, also enters to lend her voice and write a few words.

From “Magia,” dedicated to his son Gabrio Tullio, to “Sono” in feat with Alejandro Sanz, which appears in a video on the screen.

Up to “The last romantics” and “Every time,” written on a composition by Ennio Morricone: “Mariella Nava proposed this song to me. We worked on it together. It’s a pop song by the great maestro; I think it came out well.”

Then there are the songs that make up his history and identity of Eros Ramazzotti.

Another you,” “If that were enough,” “Music is,” “Now you,” “Promised land.”

Italian and Spanish mix and almost merge, letting the songs speak the same language.

Eros Ramazzotti plays a game of his own, made of history, from disco to live.

A technological stage where the musicians appear on raised platforms creates a visual movement: LEDs, three-dimensional projections, and lights.

The bullfighting arena of Plaza de Toros fills with candles; Eros Ramazzotti sings 25 songs almost without interruption.

Eros Ramazzotti doesn’t speak Spanish: “I’m sorry, my Castilian sucks,” but he still makes himself understood.

Eros Ramazzotti invites a couple on stage who are celebrating 25 years of marriage and dedicates to them “Only with you” he repeatedly goes down to the fans with whom he tries to communicate, plays the guitar, and improvises music moments and choirs in a spontaneous exchange with them.

“After years we are finally reunited and we can leave again,” she tells her audience, to whom she dedicates the wish not to be afraid of love.

Seventy dates have been announced around the world.

“There, they expect an Italian who goes on stage and sings Italy. I like it because I play a little bit of everything. I am happy to be Italian and am convinced that we also do many beautiful things. We set a good example when we do them well,” he comments. On the controversy of these days you have clear ideas Bella ciao”? In my opinion Laura did well, in a moment like this you can’t talk about right, left or center, you have to talk about music, we make music.”

And then that’s the only thing that counts; it’s more than two hours of the show for an artist who still jumps on stage at age 58.

He does not sing for the charts; his game is no longer that; he sings for his audience, the one who follows him worldwide.

And that he is now waiting for him on tour.

The concert lineup

Infinite beat
I am
Where there is music
How much love are you
An emotion forever
More than you can
Twin star
If that were enough
Return to Dance
Madonna de Guadalupe
I belong to you
Only with you
Hurricane Mery
Every time I breathe
An important story
Now you
Promised land
Fire in fire
Another you
Things of life
Music is
More beautiful than there is

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