Eros Ramazzotti spoke of daughter’s pregnancy: “The love is an example”

Eros Ramazzotti

The singer, Eros Ramazzotti, who turns 59 today, spoke for the first time on the news that he will see him as a grandfather in a few months.

A world tour, Battiato infinito, with 49 dates in North and South America and Europe and ten sports halls in Italy. 

Eros Ramazzotti, today, October 28 2022, turns 59, and they give us a new chapter to be written. In the new paragraph of his life, lots of music but also lots of love declined in the sweet #familyfirst.

The singer will become a grandfather for the first time next spring and has clear ideas about what he will do the first time he picks up his grandson.

Eros Ramazzotti spoke of daughter’s pregnancy on his Birthday

“A trip to the studio where there are all the tools, and we’ll see which one he prefers”, said the birthday boy to Il Corriere Della Sera, answering the question about the first gift for the son of the eldest daughter Aurora Ramazzotti.

“I have the instinct to educate; I will not be just the grandfather who spoils “, continued Eros Ramazzotti, Aurora’s third father, born on December 5, 1996, from the marriage with Michelle Hunziker and Raffaela Maria, 11, and Gabrio Tullio, 7, had with his second wife, Marica Pellegrinelli.

“Another year of freshness, Auguri papotti”, wrote Aurora to dad Eros Ramazzotti to celebrate his birthday on social media.

Sweet and moving greetings, with a roundup of photos and a video in which Eros sings L’aurora, a single released in 1996 as the third extracted from the album Where there is music and dedicated to his daughter.

The latter in the audience cannot hold back the tears. “Greetings, Erosetto. I love you!” Wrote Michelle Hunziker instead, posting the photo of her “soon grandparents” who, perhaps thanks to her daughter’s pregnancy, have put the ancient rusts behind them.

Instagram Post from therealauroragram

Her first grandchild will also be celebrating Eros next year: Aurora’s son and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza will be born in April.

News that made grandparents Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker very happy, as seen in the gender reveal videos in which the colour of the bow (blue) on the Ramazzotti-Cerza stork was discovered.

“My daughter is a mature lady. The love I see between her and her partner Goffredo is an example,” the singer-songwriter said to Il Corriere, giving his blessing to the couple and their son-in-law.

Instagram Post from ramazzotti_eros

An indescribable joy also for grandmother Michelle, the first to know about her daughter’s pregnancy, as told by Aurora on Instagram.

“Well, yes, now it can be said. Grandma, just writing it, I cry! I love you “, the presenter had written immediately after the official announcement of the sweet expectation,” it was a super exciting day; I already knew it for a long time, but finally, Aurora was able to say it, and we can rejoice freely. Now we are free to be happy. She is my baby; how does she make a baby? Life is wonderful, period.”

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