Ethan Torchio and Laura immortalized in Milan now

Ethan Torchio
Ethan Torchio

A passionate kiss by Ethan Torchio of Maneskin and his girlfriend Laura Alfonsi Castelli was posted on social media on a fan-run page, broke millions of hearts, and started the hunt for the “mystery girl”.

A video of a holiday in Costa Rica in symbiosis with nature, without clothes and with the wind caressing their thick hair of two opposite but wonderfully complementary colours. 

Ethan Torchio of Maneskin and his girlfriend Laura Alfonsi Castelli have never hidden, and the slide of their summer -wild- is visible on her Instagram profile, only that they have chosen with caution what and where to show their relationship, trying to stem the spasmodic media attention on the private life of the recording band.

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Ethan Torchio and Laura in Milan appears more united than ever

The paparazzi are minimal, perhaps because the Maneskins, since the spotlight turned on them, are busy almost 24/7 and are often far from Italy, which leaves the paparazzi dry-mouthed.

An exception confirms the rule last night when the 21-year-old and his girlfriend were picked up outside a Milanese hotel with bandmates Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi and Giorgia Soleri, Damiano David’s girlfriend (not received).

From the videos published on Whoopsie, the couple appears in harmony: they look at each other, kiss, and chat until he, like a perfect gentleman, hands her a white jacket.

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It is unknown how long the couple can be defined as such: the first photos of Ethan and Laura date back to the end of 2021, but the relationship could have started earlier.

Still, few certainties, if not her blond curls and her interesting IG profile, emerge a passion and aptitude for art, music, literature, travel and photography.

Her life motto? “Constantly Evolving”.

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