Ezra Miller now causes the cancellation of a movie

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller again stars in a controversy

The cancellation of the movie ‘Batgirl‘ has put Warner Bros between a rock and a hard place regarding the premiere of ‘The Flash‘, which could also be cancelled, not only because of the union of the plot of both films, but because of the scandals that Ezra Miller has starred in and his problems with the law.

The complaints against the actor and the cancellation of the superhero could affect the premiere of the film, scheduled for next year.

Fans fear that Warner Bros will end up canceling the premiere of ‘The Flash‘, since the film is linked to ‘Batgirl’ by the return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, uniting the plot of both films and generating a series of changes in the multiverse .

DC and Warner had conceived both tapes in this way, leading to ‘The Flash’ having to be released in theaters earlier.

The budget for ‘Batgirl’ went from 70 million to 90 million due to delays due to the pandemic.

However, the cancellation of the film has resulted in a saving of between 15 and 20 million dollars.

For now there are not many details of the story, but the fantastic expected to see the transformation of Barbara Gordon in superheroine.

Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii
Ezra Miller | LivNews24

However, the decision to cancel the tape with its filming already completed could cause a domino effect.

“In this case it’s about the movie, not the stars,” said Jeff Sneider, a journalist for ‘The Ankler’ to try to calm the anguish of the fans.

For his part, Steven Weintraub, a journalist for ‘Collider’, reaffirmed this opinion. “I heard that the movie is not good at all and I am being nice. I bet if the movie had been great or decent they would have ended up releasing it,” he noted.

However, uncertainty remains about the decision that Warner will make with ‘The Flash’, beyond its plot with ‘Batgirl’ and the preference of the fans, the problem seems to be Ezra Miller, whose scandals have not gone down well in Hollywood , who even evaluates his dismissal for the behavior that has characterized him in recent months.

Ezra Miller now causes the cancellation of a movie-

The film is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023, but the scandals,The Flash’s image, as a beloved character, admired as a hero, has been greatly affected and damaged by Ezra Miller’s behavior and attitude.

A recent Business Insider report notes that Ezra Miller has been circulating around the United States carrying at least one firearm and wearing a bulletproof vest.

The reason is that the interpreter is paranoid.

He believes that he is being followed, spied on and watched by people like the FBI or even the Ku Klux Klan .

The situation with the DC Extended Universe actor has reached such a high level that friends and family of the actor are beginning to worry and are afraid that he has lost touch with reality.

This attitude could possibly cause the cancellation of his next film, to the regret of the followers of the plot.

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