Fedez and Chiara Ferragni celebrating 4th Wedding Anniversary in Portofino now

Fedez , Chiara Ferragni
Fedez , Chiara Ferragni

Fedez dedicated “Better than cinema” to Chiara. “The nights embraced crying in a period full of uncertainty have strengthened us more than ever,” wrote the singer.

You make me want the future“: last year, on their wedding anniversary, the Ferragnez were on Lake Como.

Fedez dedicated “Better than cinema” to Chiara, interpreted on a floating platform.

But the future is, above all, for better or for worse, unpredictable.

In 2022, many things happened to the couple, always shared on their accounts with followers and with the world: their first television series, The Ferragnez, released on Amazon Prime, a new house under construction, and many families and work successes.

Most importantly, in the spring he coped with the disease, a rare pancreatic cancer, was operated on, and gradually recovered.

Fedez and Chiara celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary | LivNews24

This has inevitably left its mark, as evidenced by the social dedications that Chiara and Fedez exchanged on the anniversary day, one year later.

“The nights embraced crying in a period full of uncertainty have strengthened us more than ever,” wrote the singer.

Fedez shared a post on Instagram at 4th Anniversary

“4 years of marriage together”, wrote singer, publishing some shots of that first September 2018, ” never like today that phrase” in joy and pain, in health and sickness “is imbued with a profound meaning that is almost impossible to explain to words.

“Grateful to you for standing by my side in this tricky year, thank you for giving me the strength to face the disease but above all thank you for giving me the most priceless thing of all: two wonderful children, the only reason to fight tooth and nail. ” added the singer, “I love you, Ferry,” concluded the post.

Ferragni also celebrated the past four years together with a post on Instagram: a video of the wedding, with smiles, tears, and applause, as we all remember it. “Happy anniversary my love“, she wrote the entrepreneur, before continuing in English saying: “Four years as a married couple and you are together as a couple. There is no one else I would rather spend this life with, for better or for worse. I love you, always and forever. “

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni celebrating 4th Wedding Anniversary

A post from Fedez’s Official Instagram Accoun, showing his love for Chiara | LivNews24

The anniversary celebrated in the past few hours by Fedez and Ferragni, with posts and dedications on social media, had its crowning glory with a candlelit dinner at the Hotel Splendido in Portofino, in a set of lights, white flowers, and candles, on the end of summer.

“You make me want the future,” wrote Fedez, publishing the photos of what seems like a dream night, confirming once again not only the great feeling that binds them, but also that the Milanese rapper once again managed to amaze his wife by organizing a moment just for them, in which to celebrate their love.

Fedez and Chiara at four years of marriage | LivNews24

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