The worst secret of Lara Álvarez, Fernando Alonso discovered everything and that is why he broke

Lara Álvarez

The pilot Fernando Alonso suspected that Lara Álvarez was passing information to the press

Lara Álvarez will be the presenter of the new reality show that Telecinco will broadcast next season.

After spending three months working hard in Honduras as one of the presenters of ” Survivors “, Lara Álvarez is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Lara is resting but also recharging her batteries for the project that she has ahead of her.

A series of jobs that she would not have been able to do if the relationship she had with Fernando Alonso was still alive today.

Lara Álvarez will be the presenter of the new reality show that Telecinco will broadcast next season.

This is ‘ Nightmare in paradise’ , in which 16 celebrities will live together in a space without the luxuries that we enjoy today. It will be a reality show very similar to ‘La Granja’ that aired years ago.

Lara Álvarez leaked information to the press, Fernando Alonso suspected

A job that, as we said, Lara could not do if she was still with Fernando Alonso.

And it is that as the collaborator Antonio Rossi pointed out a few years ago in ‘ The AR program’ , Alonso had asked Lara to dedicate full time to him and accompany him to all the Grand Prix that he had to compete in all over the world.

The reason: apparently Lara was leaking information to the press.

It was the main reason for their breakup.

“He is very reluctant to give his opinion to the media and he takes it so badly that he has come to doubt Lara because he was convinced that it was she and her entourage who were leaking the information that we later saw in reports in Hello! He has even moved house without telling her to avoid leaks. Fernando Alonso did not trust Lara Álvarez . He thought that she was passing information, ” Antonio Rossi recounted .

Alonso, annoyed with Lara’s statements
“He didn’t like the natural way she talked about their relationship. There was an interview with Lara in which, as people didn’t dare to ask her about her boyfriend, she even said ‘Are you asking me about Fernando? And that provoked his anger, who told him: ‘Why do you have to talk about me?’”, she added.

For her part, Paloma Barrientos defended the presenter, pointing out that Álvarez was always discreet and reserved regarding her sentimental relationship with the pilot.

“She has been discreet, because she is, she has been natural when talking about him and he couldn’t bear that. And that she spends three months in a showcase as it is a program and that they can ask her about it, is something that she cannot stand. In the 21st century asking your girlfriend for such a thing… has been portrayed,” she revealed.

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