Florence Pugh at the Valentino fashion show: “Why are you so afraid of breasts?”

Florence Pugh

After receiving an endless stream of criticism for wearing a see-through dress at The Beginning fashion show ,Florence Pugh responded to the haters decisively. When we say a “style lesson”

Florence Pugh was also among the guests of the Haute Couture presentation autumn / winter 2022/2023 by Valentino

The actress and muse of the Roman fashion house lit up Piazza di Spagna in an enchanting pink sheer dress.

Declined in very light «Pink PP» tulle, the transparent dress has become the subject of numerous criticisms on social media. 

Florence Pugh on Instagram

But the answer was not long in coming and, within a few hours, the post in which Florence on Instagram demolished all the clichés about her bare breasts went viral .

“Listen, when I wore that incredible Valentino dress I knew there was no way not to receive a [negative] comment about it”, pressed Florence Pugh under a shot that portrays her at the foot of the Spanish Steps. “We all knew what we were doing,” she said, “I was excited to wear it, I wasn’t nervous one bit. 

I was not before, I was not during, and I am not even now ». Continuing, Pugh specified that the only scandal he witnessed, following the sharing of the first post in Valentino, was observing “how simple it is for men to demolish a woman’s body” , always publicly and with pride, in front of in the eyes of all.

“I accepted all the complexities that make me myself, now I’m happy with all the” defects “that I couldn’t stand when I was 14,” Florence told Instagram. “Many of you wanted to tell me how disappointed they were with my ‘tiny boobs’, or that I should be ashamed to show my flat chest. [But] I have lived in my body for a long time, I am fully aware of the size of my breasts and I am not afraid of it ». Then, the counterattack: “Why are you so afraid of a breast? “

Raised in a family of strong, powerful and curvy women, Florence Pugh said she was brought up to see strengths in her own forms – and was very proud of them : “My mission has always been to say ‘fuck it’ every time. that someone expected my body to be an opinion on what’s hot. ”

“I wore that dress because I know what I’m talking about”, “If being publicly violent towards women in 2022 is so easy for you, then the answer is that you don’t know,” concluded the actress.

“Grow up. Respect people. Respect the bodies. Respect all women. Respect human beings » ,« Life will become much easier, I assure you. And all because of two nice nipples ».

When we say “a lesson in style”.

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