The fortune that Karol G has in the bank comes to light and it is brutal

Karol G

Karol G has accumulated a lot of money throughout his career

It is no secret that singer Karol G has become one of the most successful Latin artists in recent years .

But this path has not been the easiest, since she began her musical career 16 years ago by participating in a reality show.

However, thanks to her perseverance, charisma and talent, the Colombian has managed to position herself as the richest urban female artist of the moment.

And it is that it was recently leaked how much the fortune that the interpreter of ‘Bichota’ has in the bank is valued, and it is really amazing.

After having participated in the reality show ‘Factor X’ and having been a backing vocalist for reggaeton ‘Reykon’, Karol G released her first studio album in 2017, called ‘Unstoppable’, which featured the collaboration of very important artists of the genre such as Bad Bunny , Ozuna and Cosculluela.

From that moment on, Karol G’s popularity has only increased over the years, managing to obtain endless international awards and a great fortune for the reproduction of his songs, the collection of his concerts and the collaboration with some brands.

According to a publication from the ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ portal, Karol G’s fortune amounts to just over 8 million dollars , without taking into account the income from the ‘Bichota Tour’ tour and her presentation in ‘Coachella’, becoming a millionaire at 31 years old.

In addition to the royalties from her albums and the reproductions of her songs (almost all #1) on Spotify, Anuel AA’s ex has also managed to obtain a great economic benefit from her YouTube channel, where she has 27.3 million subscribers and with his Instagram profile, where he accumulates more than 54.7 million followers.

Karol g
Karol G | livnews24

Karol G has collaborated with fashion, vodka and even chewing gum brands

In the world of fashion, the singer has collaborated with the ‘FRSH COMPANY’ brand on a collection based on the songs from her album ‘KG0516’, earning up to 50 dollars per garment sold.

The Italian brand ‘Kappa’ also announced a collaboration with Karol G to launch a collection inspired by ‘Bichota’.

In addition, the well-known brand ‘Crocs Inc’, launched two versions of its representative (and much hated) footwear in collaboration with the Colombian.

The ‘Karol G Mega Crush’ and the ‘Karol G Classic Clog’ model went on sale last February.

In addition, the singer also became the image of a ‘Smirnoff’ brand campaign to celebrate female empowerment at the end of 2021.

Later, she signed a collaboration with the company ‘Super Alimentos de Colombia’, to launch a limited edition of the ‘Oka Loka’ chewing gum, very similar to the ‘Nerds’ of the Nestlé brand.

In addition to obtaining a percentage of the profit from each of the sales of those gums, the product box contained a QR code that directed buyers to a link to play the most successful songs of the singer, also increasing their profits.

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