Francesco Totti: Together with Noemi Bocchi and daughters in new home

Francesco Totti

The former Roma captain Francesco Totti and his partner Noemi Bocchi are ready for coexistence.

After the Purpose has formalized the relationship with Bocchi on social media ( with some Instagram stories ), in front of the paparazzi, and even at the stadium, that is, going to live together.

Chi’s photographers pinched Francesco Totti and Noemi after a visit to their new home in northern Rome, where the 46-year-old and 34-year-old will go to live in the attic and super-attic of the luxurious apartment chosen by Francesco as a new love nest was building a future together with Noemi Bocchi.

Francesco Totti with Noemi Bocchi in new home

It is a love that runs fast between the former sportsman and the girlfriend who, in just four months (i.e., since Totti and Ilary announced the end of their marriage with a press release), have decided to live in the light of the sun.

Feeling that united them when ( as Francesco told Corriere ) the marriage with Blasi had already ended for some time, although neither of them was ready to admit it publicly.

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In addition to starting a new life with Noemi Totti, he will also have to face the separation from his ex-wife Ilary, with whom the most significant differences seem to be linked above all to the maintenance allowance and to the many companies and activities that the two ex-spouses still have. In sharing.

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